1 year with WordPress.


I saw this notification today.

I think logging into wordpress was my best decision ever.

It proved even I can write,but I am more thankful to my blogging family.

I have got brothers ,both elder Nitin and younger Mahesh .I got loving sisters.I got my singer sister Pratz,my best friends Viral ,Antara,Saketh ,arti ,shreya,kishan,shyam ,bhaumik , aanchal and darshith……and now karthika…..list goes on.

I must thank akila ,randyjw ,jeni and myheartbeats4ublog ( sorry I dont know your name) for thier constant support.

I thank everyone who read and commented,I also thank you dear friends who gave me likes without even reading the context.

I may not be a great blogger but I am a happy blogger.

I may have not be always active ,I make a lot of mistakes ,my stories at times may have failed to entertain you,but still it helped me learn…I hope I am improving.

Thank  you for support ,patience and love.Sorry if I left out some names blame my poor memory juggling with gate and exam preparations.

With love



31 thoughts on “1 year with WordPress.

  1. Congratulations. One year of blogging is a lot of work. I know you are happy and grateful for all your readers but as one of them I am happy you found the courage and energy to share your voice. I look foeward to the coming years with you.

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