Mahashivrathri and me.

I know you must be puzzled at this word “me”, it is because I am gonna tell you about my shivrathri  .

Are You A Devotee Or A Fan?

I am rather an ardent fan of lord Shiva. Don’t you think he is cool. Obviously super cool, hard cored weathered god, with overwhelming musculature ,stunning physique. Not a typical Hindu god adorned with jewels but with tiger skin, rudraksh and ashes. God who was against all conventional ,superstitious rituals of India. A lover of nature, a symbol of courage , outgoing unbiased person. He  is the only god in Hindu mythology who had treated both devas and asuras equally. When all the myths say other gods favoured Devas, he was impartial.This was my idea of lord shiva before.

Thanks to Amish Tripathi , I am now Lord Shiva’s diehard fan. 

God of Love

Yes of course ,he is the god of love. No doubting much he loved Sati?

Omg,It is still my favourite love story,but it has tragic end, still so much love, so much dedication..

FORBIDDEN LOVE, the kind of love between a beautiful princess(Sati,how much I love her description) and a god(Shiva) who wanders in forest, lives in caves and perfumes himself with ashes of burnt corpses.

Lovely romance springs in Sati’s heart  ,despite her father’s hatred towards Shiva. At last during swayamvar she puts the garland around the shivlingha instead of a prince.The shivaling turns into Lord Shiva and god takes her with him.

I would have loved if story ends here….

Isnt he a lovely lover?…Image result for shiva and sati

Yoga and Dance

God of yoga and dance, health and entertainment both.There are many organisations that use god’s name and misuse it…well, I don’t trust in those organisations.

Yoga is an lifestyle and exercise to be followed for a healthy lifes,dance is the art which unites your soul and body.Just read shivapuranas to know more about it..

So much to discuss here…I am not diverting from the topic so I cut short.Image result for shiva and sati

Myth behind Shivrathri

Myth1. god drank poison emitting during churning of ocean to protect world from destruction,making his throat blue providing him the name neelkanth.

Myth2. Marriage of lord Shiva and Parvathi

Me And Shivrathri 

Most celebrated and auspicious festival in my house hold.

Reason 1. No underlying expenses, how much money would it cost to go without food and sleep?

Reason 2.So much fun.

It was a vrat mostly taken by females of the family, obviously the aristocratic Indian families makes sure women go through all hardships,but my daddy takes shivrathri (just for us).

but,it is a blessing in disguise.A whole day without food ,and night without sleep isn’t it dreadful?obviously no.

I love it,vrat is no meal,but my parents converted it to no rice meal.I am a typical south Indian no food other than rice would ever please us.

Prayers are lovely. Instilling bhakthi(devotion) in your heart.The day is spend reciting panchakshra mantra(5 lettered mantra)

‘Na’ -screening or veiling;
‘Ma’- the  impurity;
‘Si’- Lord Shiva;
‘Va’- the  Sakthi;
‘Ya’- the  soul.

,mrithunjaya mantra(mantra that  is known to beat death itself).

Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pusti vardhanamv Urvarukamiva bandhanan mrtyor mukshiya mamritat

We eat one chappatti in noon that is it for whole day,and later it is fun,dancing singing and playing .It is the one and only day dad and mom plays with us.Fun, jokes and prayer.

Mom tells us stories about her childhood shivrathri’s  .We read Shiva purana and daddy interprets each story in his own style.

We do all sorts of stupid things to beat sleep,tv is literally the most boring thing ever.And then In temples,ladies sings Lord Shiva’s song,old ladies dance it is so much fun.

Reciting ohm nama shivaya.

Have you tried???

close your eyes..ohm voice from heart sets your mind in peace.

The hardship start when sun rays tickle ,waiting till next day evening is hardest.How sleepy I would be?I would snore if I close my eyes..Image result for shiva linga

Net result:

1.You would understand the value of food and sleep.

2.You would be able to go without food or sleep if it is necessary

3.Makes you spend quality time with family.

4.Lord Shiva’s blessings


Har har Mahadev.

P.S: this is just my interpretation.If there is any mistake please do tell me.






My perfect valentine

Stars bloom in the pitch black sky,

romantic wind pester with the love cry,

but here in the couch he lies ,

snoring, my valentine….


Charming prince of mine,

can there be someone more perfect?

no great weight lifter he is,

No illustrious charmer of ladies…


but he did ensnare my heart ,

sending me nuts at his pellucid grin,

No roses ,no flowers,

No gifts,not even a wish…


Still the nonpareil lover ,world ever did perceive,

late nights, I do dwell in unconsummated office tasks,

my love do know,my hatred staying as a lonely night owl,

Silently he creeps booting up his laptop …


Just to provide me solitude of his company,

despite his tired self, and my endless tyranny,

Love without words,

the love I cherish with a smile in my heart.


His arms aren’t strongest,

but strong enough to hold me when I fall,

he is no poet,

but the love in his eyes do intone

I am there for you ,my love


No fancy cards,no glittering jewels,

no late night films,no exotic trips,

but together we sit staring at stars,

my hand in his ,and a whole life ahead..


He is no boy,he is a man I adore,

He has a heart sewn out of gold,

but only I know,the little boy who lurks

behind those childish grin…


My six feet tall boy

he is not perfect,

But there is one demeanor that makes him exceptional

that he is mine,just only mine….