My perfect valentine

Stars bloom in the pitch black sky,

romantic wind pester with the love cry,

but here in the couch he lies ,

snoring, my valentine….


Charming prince of mine,

can there be someone more perfect?

no great weight lifter he is,

No illustrious charmer of ladies…


but he did ensnare my heart ,

sending me nuts at his pellucid grin,

No roses ,no flowers,

No gifts,not even a wish…


Still the nonpareil lover ,world ever did perceive,

late nights, I do dwell in unconsummated office tasks,

my love do know,my hatred staying as a lonely night owl,

Silently he creeps booting up his laptop …


Just to provide me solitude of his company,

despite his tired self, and my endless tyranny,

Love without words,

the love I cherish with a smile in my heart.


His arms aren’t strongest,

but strong enough to hold me when I fall,

he is no poet,

but the love in his eyes do intone

I am there for you ,my love


No fancy cards,no glittering jewels,

no late night films,no exotic trips,

but together we sit staring at stars,

my hand in his ,and a whole life ahead..


He is no boy,he is a man I adore,

He has a heart sewn out of gold,

but only I know,the little boy who lurks

behind those childish grin…


My six feet tall boy

he is not perfect,

But there is one demeanor that makes him exceptional

that he is mine,just only mine….



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