A scream

Is it a curse?

or malediction perhaps worse,

to be a born as a girl,

In this wretched world.


Confined or caged,

we are nothing different than a immure bird.

predicted to caper around with barbie dolls,

and act as dull witted damsel in distress.


what are we considered ?

perhaps a burden laden

on our loved ones.

Or a liability in the household.


useless we are assessed,

never did we get a chance?

to prove ourselves.


Is it our mistake?

that we are born a girl.

Only if I was ever given a choice

I would have chose to be a boy…..


why is that ?

you slit down our wings,

and asked us to fly.

tied our legs together ,

and asked us to run…


what we can give you

is a sarcastic chuckle…

for you forgot to lookout

for the fire beneath the dainty lashes….


confined beneath the mighty walls,

in the wretched name of society.

in order to upheld family name,

shattered lies are our dreams….


we scream unheard…

beneath the worldly curtains of silence…

unable to bear

we scream…swearing why this myth

created this Sita ….

who symbolized women as patience…?

why do every one expect us to bear?

all the insults in the name of gender

and still remain silent…


why did they forget Durga?

our heart pleads for justice .

why should daughters be like sita…

why cant we react…?


I wish I could breath free,

run away into wild,

all alone pursuing my dreams,

at least let me be me.