A scream

Is it a curse?

or malediction perhaps worse,

to be a born as a girl,

In this wretched world.


Confined or caged,

we are nothing different than a immure bird.

predicted to caper around with barbie dolls,

and act as dull witted damsel in distress.


what are we considered ?

perhaps a burden laden

on our loved ones.

Or a liability in the household.


useless we are assessed,

never did we get a chance?

to prove ourselves.


Is it our mistake?

that we are born a girl.

Only if I was ever given a choice

I would have chose to be a boy…..


why is that ?

you slit down our wings,

and asked us to fly.

tied our legs together ,

and asked us to run…


what we can give you

is a sarcastic chuckle…

for you forgot to lookout

for the fire beneath the dainty lashes….


confined beneath the mighty walls,

in the wretched name of society.

in order to upheld family name,

shattered lies are our dreams….


we scream unheard…

beneath the worldly curtains of silence…

unable to bear

we scream…swearing why this myth

created this Sita ….

who symbolized women as patience…?

why do every one expect us to bear?

all the insults in the name of gender

and still remain silent…


why did they forget Durga?

our heart pleads for justice .

why should daughters be like sita…

why cant we react…?


I wish I could breath free,

run away into wild,

all alone pursuing my dreams,

at least let me be me.












91 thoughts on “A scream

      1. Really … what I want from blogging is enhance my writing to write a book … you have written one

        A series of stories … Unbounded…!???

        Just started writing poems … you do that too …

        And Really like some bloggers here who do such versatile work … and you’re one them …

        So , I said/typed 😂 it genuinely .. not just to falter you or something ..

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  1. Wow! Amazing! Yes, I can definitely hear your scream!

    It’s actually funny because yesterday I wrote something on the same subject. But after reading yours, I can’t hear my scream as loud, lol. So, I’ve decided to do a rewrite on it until I get my scream louder, lol! I’m glad I didn’t post it yet! Thanks for the inspiration.

    ~Sarah Katherine

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  2. Anagha.. this was really something… I still don’t have proper words for my reaction..just saying that it was great, or i loved it will not suffice.. so i’ll just tell this… i reread the below part a couple of times, and when i did that, i felt something stir in me…

    why is that ?
    you slit down our wings,
    and asked us to fly.
    tied our legs together
    and asked us to run…

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  3. This had such an impact on me.

    The opening stanza thrust me in the heart of your poem, and plunged into me, the universal suffering of the many females from current and the various ages of cultures. And then brought me back to you (the lady with the ‘gracious’ comments on my post)

    The ‘curse’ question unlocked the subject matter of the poem, so that it immediately presented itself, injustices, abuses, frustration, hence ‘The Scream’… The reading of the rest just confirmed what was anticipated from the opening, even though it had not yet been read. The poem aroused goose bumps ‘inside’ my head – is that possible!

    No it is not a ‘curse’, but cultural and traditional inversions – they alone turn humans into cursed beings, from warped believes and values.

    The ‘elders’, mainly, are responsible, particularly the ‘females’ . Not just because, they have lived through the suffering, frustration abuses, but because they readily sell them selves out, to ‘honor and custom’. They reinforce the same ‘crimes’ against their grand children, if not children in favour of ‘the community’, ‘tradition, of their fathers and forefathers’ – never mind the future fathers!. The females instilling their children with same seeds of criminality, and, are ‘commonly’ supported, So that in the future they’ll sprout replicas.

    Oddly enough, does no one find it strange how these same elders ‘demand’ respect and reverence, through ‘coercion’, but rarely do they ever earn it, freely.

    I think the men are victims too. The difference, they have physical freedom, and have the power to make small changes, in the nucleus of the family – which could be manageable and affective.

    This topic is so close to my heart. I feel your frustration, but also feel a great relief that people are thinking about this….. though they might not have ‘thought; of ‘who’ to hold responsible……Not that I look to apportion blame, or that they are blind, but they ‘dare’ not, even in their deepest interior, to think of the elders in shuch a light – the shackles that keeps the community/individual ensnared…. [ freedom, is relative]

    You sound like a beautiful and loving person, and I’d imagine a daughter would be very happy with you, and that you’d teach a son to view females with the respect and fairness that they deserve. Tiny specs that accumulates in change, if others like you existed.

    If you find my views too strong, or too direct, I apologies. Otherwise the poem, superb!x Iam yet to reread. That was my initial impression.

    Thank you, very much.

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      1. Ya. Most of the final drafts were there. though i write on other blog too (medium) that is a help. I have raised issue with customer care. . hope they at least get data.. thanks for asking anagha..

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  4. Hi, Anagha! This is a powerful, moving revelation that arouses the needed eyes of awakening, the see-all, and be-all. It brings to light the core of frustrations remembered by me as a child; I’ve forgotten, but you recalled it. “Hmmm” is right!

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  5. Loved this beautiful peace portraited with the magic of words.. can easily relate myself here 😊 can see the anger and fighting spirit In it .. never fall apart someday we girls will bring the change .. gud luck dear. .keep writing

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  6. well, what to say…
    I can feel the pain out here and if I say, it’s not the same in this modern world where girls are no more as you penned here, I will be lying because things have changed for sure but still we have to go miles ahead…..
    let’s hope and work together to change this world…
    Anyway cheer up now 🙂 things will turn to ur side for sure 🙂

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