Unbounded 19

The cold winter breeze woke me up. I leered around , my bedspread muffled ,the books I read last night lay half opened half closed and obviously twitching between states heeding to the adjure of the wind. I am perhaps a pure mess .The grandfather clock led out its annoying shrieks which when I unknowingly counted, to my greatest misfortune turned out to be seven.

“I am late” A sudden realization whopped me.

I rushed out my house exactly fifteen minutes later swearing under my breath at the driver who had again taken a day off. As a matter of fact he takes almost every day off but granny never delays in paying him. I jog my way to the bus stand, tired I glanced at my phone just to find to my greatest dismay today was my birthday and nobody seemed to remember. It is not that prior years my friends pestered me  with wishes, none of my friends had ever remembered my birthday but it is the maiden my mommy and daddy forgot my birthday.

Well this did really send a seizure of grief, however by now I am used to their lack of concern .It has been several months since mom and dad spoke to me. I miss really them a lot or perhaps every second.

Image result for  girl waiting for bus

The bus arrived, I clamped on to the bus clutching on the iron reel  for my dear life. The stupid old bus did somersaults on the road across potholes making me totally nauseous. At last I managed to find myself a place to sit. The lady next to me was loudly flirting with someone I can’t really help eavesdropping nor hold back my giggles.

“Flirting” the very word reminds me of my two new female friends in college. Rae and Cally. Both are behind Mike and I did promise to introduce them to my dear good innocent Mike. I must agree they are marching on a dangerous endeavour with their affection towards Mike. Mike detests girls on whole luckily I am an exception or may be just as Abhimanyu remarks I have very meagre traits of a girl.

I mounted down the bus and rushed to college but to my greatest surprise I find myself facing a huge crowd waiting with anticipation and excitement. I wondered loudly what is so special today .Cally ran to me with an expression of mixed smirk and excitement “Didn’t Abhimanyu tell you?”

“what?”,I asked.

“nothing,My brother Sid is coming” he said trying to muffle a laughter.

“Is your brother a movie star or celebrity ,he seem to have enormous amount of fans”I cried the excitement was catching hold me too.

“he is quite a celebrity, a singer, a pianist and a sportsperson” he chortled

“are you jealous” I smirked.

“To be frank I am”he admitted.

My friend Cally gleamed at him with deepest admiration .

“Abhimanyu is really so sweet”she cried.

“Oh dear Cally, only if I had met you before my girl friend ,I still would not have laid my eyes upon you”he smirked.

Cally marched away sadly stating “see you soon” .

“Don’t be so cruel Abi, you hurt her” I cried .

“I did the right thing I didn’t give her expectation ,making her understand she doesn’t have a chance is better ”he said as his phone rang.

“cruel boy” I shouted…expectation hurts he is right.

“I have a bad news ”he declared to the crowd “my brother is not coming today a little change in plans”.

Dismay clouded the faces. Everyone dispersed.

“I wanted to see your brother do you have a picture?”I asked.

“he will come in a day or so?”he said as his phone rang again.he smiled at his phone.

“Is it your girlfriend?”I asked . “why is that if one in a relationship he should only speak to his girl.It is a call from studio”.

I sat down at the bench under the chestnut tree whisking away the snow with my foot. Cally and Rae came and sat next to me, they had plans, they lured me dragging me off to cafeteria.

 Image result for a girl in snow

Evening, I was a bit murk, you cant help being gloomy when your own parents forgot your birthday. I was waiting for world’s busiest man Abhimanyu because he promised to drive me to bus stand .The college now thinks we are a couple but close friends know we are just friends and how I crave to see Abhi’s girlfriend.

In Abi’s opinion with me around he can ward away annoying girls. So,I am more like a straw man in paddy field. But I can never deny Abi is a remarkable friend.

It would have been rather pleasant to wait it wasn’t snowing this hard. The snow glistened, I am half covered with heaps of snow. I love this climate. I stared at the snowing sky asking god where is my birthday gift from you.

Suddenly a faint music resonated in my ears bringing me back to my senses. My soul vibrated with the chords, the strange connection, my heart thumped hard. For the first time in my life I loved music. The music which was always disturbing today seemed divine.

 My eyes moistened, my body was responding to the music .It was strange and heavenly the tune slowly deepened in my senses such that everything  around me turned invisible. The pain of my heart intertwined with the music here I sat enchanted.

I was weeping, before I knew what happened I set out in search of the place where the music erupted .I followed the trail of music like a bee bewitched by it aura. The feelings of my heart churning in, dispelling into the symphony. The music stirred the realm of my soul rendering me dumbstruck .Like a kid running towards its mother, I was enticed by the strange familiarity.

I was stirred back to my senses by the haughty conceited girl of senior year. She was shouting at me that I stomped on her.Well, I wasn’t bothered, she was scolding me but nothing can divert me from finding the source of music.

“Sorry” I muttered whereas she was not ready to leave me alone.

“She told sorry Anitha, leave her alone” Abi’s voiced reverberated through the staircase.

She moved away arguing. I gratefully asked him with my eyes filled with awe “Did you play the music ?”

“no my brother did,just for an ambience. Happy birthday Amy my dearest friend.”he shouted gleefully extending the largest bouquet of roses I have ever witnessed in my life.

Image result for bouquet of red roses

“Thanks”I cried with happiness.

Above the flowers,my eyes treaded on the person before me.

My heart skipped a beat.

Shyam,my trainer.

There he stood in skin and flesh my trainer.

 ps.please do tell if there is any mistakes it has been really long since I wrote something.




8 thoughts on “Unbounded 19

      1. Don’t worry, pal, we’re all beginners here and so, mistakes don’t mean as much as they normally would.😉💙 So, keep writing and never give up!👍


      2. We’re all beginners her, pal, so don’t worry. We all write for our own satisfaction and this will not be very easy to achieve. Yet, we’ll all help and support one-another on the way!
        So, keep writing and never give up!! 😉


      1. Hey, never feel like that. Listen, I have always loved reading classics, and to be honest, while reading any of your works, I have always felt that level in your writing, and I mean that. ❤️❤️

        Love you too. ❤️

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