unbounded 21

I walked through the stony path of my colossal house. The eerie shadows of large stony walls which once induced foreboding now gave me a strange sense of solace.

I climbed wearily into the house, the servants have left I hope.I found my wrinkled pale old granny sitting in a rocking chair near the pillar in the living . I turned around to realize how narrow minded I was not to have admired architectural significance of my house. The living consists of four large pillars engraved in stone with a high ceiling .The ceiling was decorated with ravishing paintings which looked familiar but not being a good painter I was not able to infer what it meant.

“Amy,you are back home”granny asked.

“Yes”I acquiesced averting my glare from the ceiling.

“Ted was searching for you?”she informed resuming her work.

“oh,did he return “I enquired.

“yes I did”Ted interjected walking into the living,he wore a ruffled grey Tshirt  “looks like someone has left you a parcel”

“Really,let me have a look”I insisted grabbing the parcel from him .

I ripped apart its cover to find an amazon kindle.

“Wow”I yelped examining kindle .

Ted picked a note which slipped from the parcel.

“To my dearest girl who love to read,wish you a happy birthday.”Ted read aloud

“Is today your birthday?”he interrogated.

“So it is not your gift” I asked.

“No”he denied”I nay had the merest idea today was your birthday”.

“It must be daddy’s gift”I chattered cheerfully.

“Absolutely not”he exploded with the colour draining from his face.

“They can’t sent you gifts or speak to you for now”he added with a tone which meant I can’t argue any further.

“I am tired,I have to leave.”I sniffled treading towards my room closing my door behind me.

I place Abhi’s teddy bear and kindle near to each other wondering who must have send me this.

I suddenly heard a knock at my door .I opened to find Ted standing out.

“Get in “I said.I noticed dark circles around his eyes which signifies he hasn’t slept much.

“I am sorry ,I forgot your birthday”he lamented.

I gave out an amused laugh”No worries Ted, I did forget it myself”.

He sat on my bed looking down.

“I promised your dad I will take good care of you,but I just don’t know how?”he looked at me with pleading eyes.

I sat next to him.It is ok Ted you are a wonderful friend and a brother.These words were really heart felt.

He gave me a piercing stare which shook me off my roots.He got up suddenly managed to take his wallet from his pocket and left it on my desk stating “buy something for yourself”and hastily rushed out of the room.

I glared at the purse examining its contents ,I don’t want his money but my inquisitiveness got hold of me.I found a bundle of notes, a debit card and a driving licence .I stared at little Ted ,he was adorable at 18 ,mushy hair.It was then something startled me”Today was his birthday too”.

Suddenly I saw someone’s shadow at my window ,which disappeared within a fraction of a second.I must be imagining things.

I gasped, how deprived and lonely he must have felt without a family. Enough for today,I cant take it anymore .I fell on pillow and drifted into dreamless sleep.

Next day in college was uneventful.Rae and Cally pestered me with queries when I disclosed them about my endeavour with trainer carefully excluding the fact I already know him.

“you touched his hand,how was it heavenly?”Rae asked .

“Just like anybody else”I cajoled.”you know he has an girlfriend and they are engaged.”

“yes offcourse a snorty looking girl.”Cally grunted.

Abhi’s place looks deserted.

I had to meet Mike in order to ask him repair our car.I am tired of travelling in bus.I waited outside his class with Cally and Rae who were waiting impatiently for Mike and gasping as any cute guys pass .

Someone knocked my head from behind,”what is my mango doing here?”he asked.

“Mike,It hurts”I retorted.

As we were speaking someone called out to me”Amy”

I turned around to find myself facing a gorgeous looking girl, I swivel around to see if she was calling me.

I was puzzled,” do you know me?”I inquired.

“heard a lot about you,always wanted to meet you dear”she chirped with  a cheerful note.

“can I please know who you are?” I asked.Cally bleated “She is Sid’s girlfriend”.

“Don’t call me like that I have my own identity .I am Vriksha. Not that I don’t like him but it kind of makes me feel inferior”she said smiling kindly.

“She is not snorty” I whispered.”yes, she is so goodlooking”Rae sighed.

“why don’t you girls have lunch with us?” she suggested.

“Sure”my friends agreed in chorous before I could deny.

Sid came out of the class looked at me with awe.Vriksha kissed him on the cheeks.I looked away.

She nudged me,clasping her hand with mine.However I tried I was not able to hate her.Wow,can my life be more screwed up.

I was about to sit next to vriksha whereas my friends sat on either side of Mike who was uncomfortably twitching.On one side of Sid sat Vriksha and other Anitha was about to sit .

“Anitha,why don’t you get us some water,”vriksha asked.

“Please Amy,sit next to Sid .Anitha is trying to steal him from me, I don’t trust anyone other than you please,don’t tell no.”she requested with pleading eyes.

I wanted to deny,but I cant refuse her. Within seconds I started liking her dearly.I moved towards Sid and sat next to him.

I gulped hard .I found him stiffen uneasily in his chair.Vriksha murmured a thanks smiling.I smile back weakly ,neither me nor Sid was able to eat.