Fathers day?love u dad.

Never have I expressed my love for daddy,because I always assumed showing how much I care wasnt cool,or simply didnt hassle.My daddy is the best must be an easy fancy of a daughter ,for I do know every dad loves their kid.

I am indeed like every other kid out there,but I am not scared of daddy ,Am I not ?well that is a hypothetical question.I am not scared of dad however afraid if my actions can hurt him.(that is a better answer)

Dad may be a three letter word,

for I am sturdy once I spell these three letters…

Dont mess with me I will complain to my daddy….was my words to half the set of bully’s in my preschool .

but my dad taught me to kick their ass

instead of nugatory laments.

I did fancy  things,

but never did I tell him what I need.

because even before I expressed a slightest inclination ,

may be cause of strange telepathy.

It would have assembled before me,

 nay am I allowed to read books

 rather than those filthy academics,

but still he bought me harry potter

and several other story books,

daddy is aware that I sneak out ,

and always breach his rules,

but still graciously ignore my mistakes

coz he know I’ll perish without reading.

Yes ,he is hot tempered no denying it,

but he is still my three lettered magic.

love you daddy!!!!!

I remember in an interview I was asked a hypothetical question every time I answer they asked pursued more making it harder…then I was out of answers I said “Ill ask my dad he will know what to do”I was sure they might reject me,but they smiled ,they were taken aback by my answer,they strained me a lot….and I blurted it out the most inappropriate answer……but luck would have it or unfortunately I was selected.


but that is  what I do when things merely get out of hand.well he is my expedient ,for I know whatever happens my dad would never turn me down.

My dad is a person who sacrificed all his life for the sake of us.He would have afforded to live in a big house with much more luxury if he didnt favor  to provide us the best school in town.

but when I get scoldings my dad and mom stands united(I cant deny the fact I cause more than an acceptable number of trouble).

“every super hero has a world to save.But I am the world for my superhero,my Dad”

Well ,I am still a toddler for my dad.Anyway dad always know what is right for his little girl.





28 thoughts on “Fathers day?love u dad.

  1. wow!

    so beautiful message!
    And extraordinary post!

    I m sure ur Dad is proud to have you!
    And you are also proud to have him as ur super-hero!

    Dad’s love for any daughter is most beautiful thing!

    u r so lucky!

    Stay blessed

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  2. Sweet Anagha ❤ I love the relationship dynamics you have with your Dad! He sounds very understanding and supportive of you, that's so great. I really like this line "My dad is a person who sacrificed all his life for the sake of us.He would have afforded to live in a big house with much more luxury if he didnt favor to provide us the best school in town." That is very admirable. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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