City lights

Darkness elude the night,

Sun sleeps but the city nay,

Broken and astray lay several dreams

Awake in the  night

Under the city light.

Nature and love remains long lost

The machine held routine life sought

No leaves waving with sway of wind

No soft breeze tickling your clothes

Under the city lights

Chattering birds replaced by throbbing traffic

Wondering when one is perhaps trampled under some speeding vehicle

Weary drained ,with a zillion dreams

They lay awake

Under the city lights.

City never sleeps

Does she?

The night the day all remains the same.

Shooting stars or flying aircraft

All remains the same

Under the city lights

Tired nights and busy days

Or perhaps busy nights and tired days

Under the glimmering light of city

 hides her real darkness beneath

Life drunk in false allure,remains ever deceived

Under the city lights.


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