Catherine-love letter

To Mr Agilesh,

I am Catherine, I don’t think you could remember me as you would have moved ahead with your life. I am not writing this to resume or start a relationship with you or to disrupt your peaceful life. I am not sure if I would be alive when this letter reaches you. Fear engulfs my heart when I think of the beast well my husband snoring next to me. I hate him beyond words can suffice. I am sure you can’t even imagine the ordeals I am going through.

Domestic violence was something I have read in newspaper articles but today I am a living victim of it. There are scars all over me, perhaps scars in my heart are more worse. The daily insults confinement and abuse literally devours my soul.

I doubt why am I ever married. I am scared if I would be alive for an another dawn. I have heard women go through this all over their life but I don’t think I can. I wish I can run away somewhere. The thing which  hurts me the most is the words of my mother and family when I tell them my grief and pain. It’s always the same the girls must learn to adjust. I wonder what my life ever meant. My parents got rid of me by giving them jewels and money,just to be treated like a slave. What  did I do to my parents what trouble have I caused them to get rid of me?

Marriage is not a boon it is a curse where freedom of speech remain curtailed. Agilesh, I will never suicide, I am not that weak but they might kill me.

But before I leave I want to tell you something, I loved you, everytime you stood there staring at me. My heart lost a beat. I have always loved you. I think you too have. But neither of us had courage. I wish I had a little more courage to speak my heart for now it is too late. Love your wife like you loved me.

Still loving you


Agilesh gasped reading the letter. Tears tripped down his eyes. It has been three months since Catherine died. Today was her husband’s second marriage. Anger welled up in his heart.

His Catherine, his love that rascal killed her. His wife walked up to him, he passed the letter to her.

Tears brimmed in her eyes.

“I must kill that rascal “I announced.

She gave me a sarcastic chuckle, if you had this courage when she was alive.

Or only if her parents gave a little regard for their daughters sufferings in contrast to their worthless pride she would not have died. There was a tone of sadness in her voice. For she was a girl she knew the pain.

“Am I good “I asked myself.

“Did I treat her badly”.

At times you did my heart answered.

I walked to Catherine’s grave with my child. I promised her, marriage is not the only thing in my daughters life.Let her be a happy spinster if she wish, let her be a divorcee but I will never let her life end in the name of worthless pride.

For the love of my life who lies cold in her grave taught me to love.

Edit. All the characters are fiction, if it makes any resemblance I don’t care.



Why is motivation so important?

I have speculated why are there so many motivational videos when we know what we have to do in order to attain our goals and we are capable of doing it. How can some random words of a stranger instil sense into our mind and propel us forward on the journey towards our goal?
Here are the reasons I interpreted.

1.I tend to lose interest.

A new venture or work might appear alluring initially but as time passes it loses its lustre and it would kind of turn unappealing to you. In long run when it becomes routine it tends to be boring.
I can give you a better example. At the time you brought your new phone how excited you were, Are you excited the same way now? Obviously no.
The phone has the same features that you craved for when you bought it but what happened now?
You got used to it. You lose interest, nothing to worry its human nature.


You can lose interest on your phone but not on your goal.


You muster up your mind stating you have to complete a certain work today but your best friend is throwing a party.
Hell on loose, party, drinks, fun..
Even if stay back your mind, a sluggish idiot keeps craving for the party and would constantly lament about the things you would have missed.


or else you would drown into the chasm of self pity.


You would sleep in the couch everyday and expect for a miracle to befall upon you and salvage you. You desire for it and when you pathetically fail, being upset ain’t going to help you.
So wake up and start working. You must BE MOTIVATED.

The most common thing .I want to work for my goal but I am too lazy to work. I intend to do it tomorrow, promising to oneself only to break it the very next day. Here comes the best friend of failure PROCRASTINATION.
here you must BE MOTIVATED.

5.When things really get out of hand
Even if you are really ailing, or haggard or tormented by health issues you cant relinquish your goal. There may be times you ought to work towards your goal in spite of being confronted by ordeals. I know this is harsh but it is the reality.

No one enquires a loser why he lost
Everyone pester the winner for they want to know how he won.

So when everything is a mess to traverse towards your goal you need to be motivated.

So where is motivation, where does it comes from?

(well, I will tell you more on how to be motivated in next post).