The wish on a Halloween, did it go bad?

images (1).jpgI strolled near the groove.Nearly cursing everything my eyes graciously set foot on. Had a foul day? Perhaps worse. My boyfriend broke up with me to hook up with my friend.I don’t feel any sensible nor felt like grieving myself and lamenting. A cold sense of revenge barricaded my other feelings.The frustration that now transfigured into some sort of wrath overwhelmed me.

The whole town was decorated in Halloween cheer but me I felt pathetic .i have always loved Halloween more than Christmas but now everything has gone haywire. My life is screwed I now kind of hate Halloween

A lovely lady in her late twenties  walked near me.She moreover appeared like being transplanted from 19th century novel. Those blonde curls,that perfect eyes never would you have set your eyes on such an alluring charm before. She had a regal look around her but something in her aura gave me a scare.  She gave me a toothy grin.I smiled back more like a reflex action as my years of socialising this is one quality I got in a jiffy.

She now moved towards as me her long fingers brushed the strands of my hair. Emilia,you like me don’t you.

Yes, I nodded. Perhaps analogous to a kitten purring over the mistress. Her superiority of perfect commandness,the canopy of authority made me flinch. Don’t be scared dear, pretty hard emotions at a Halloween night. Suddenly my eyes teared up. She stared at me intently with her eyes imploring. “it is pretty hard dear, you must have your revenge”

I nodded with tears splurting out ,my boyfriend dumped me I blurted. I know she consoled. Time to have some fun right….. Some revenge.

Come with me,she took my hands on hers,a piercing sensation of fear mixed with thrill entralled me. I turn around to find myself in my boyfriends flat. I know she must be with him.I can hear their voices,but with the lady nearby I felt invincible.

There they lay on bed fast asleep when I strolled around in middle of the night unable to sleep like a lunatic.” I want her to feel the pain I felt” I cried.

She handed me a knife and said “Stab her she will know the pain but even a drop of blood will not fall off her body. I nearly hugged the lady in happiness. She can hear your words but cannot see you,make sure you don’t give her a clue who you are.If you do the things will be complicated .

I went towards the girl who betrayed me and stole my boyfriend. I sank the blade through her skin she shrieked and cried in pain but my boyfriend still didn’t seem to notice. He was fast asleep. I sank it further cutting her flesh she cried, I laughed in mirth. So did the lady next to me. Every cut I declared her “you cheat”,”you must die”.

The lady replied “yes she must die”.We laughed as blade cut through her flesh and she wriggled in pain. I declared “how dare you steal him from me”

“laura”she cried… I was startled so was the lady. “I told you not to”said the lady. She took an other blade and placing it on my hand told me rip her throat.

No I cried, I can’t, I cant

I can’t kill anyone. She would die.i cried

She betrayed you Laura. The lady advocated

No I can’t my lady I answered.

“You must” this was an order

When I refused I felt a strange pain in my stomach.

Laura please rip off her throat before you hurt yourself.

I still denied.

Her eyes grew red…. Kill her Laura

I denied I can’t you can’t make me do it.

I ran away, the farer I went the lady stood in front of me.I ran until my legs could no longer adhere…. The streets looked dark and empty. I dashed away aimlessly. I hid like a kid behind a trash can. What am I doing?? I cried.

Why did I believe a stranger.who is she a lunatic or a serial killer.

I am neither, you summoned me Laura my dear. Now let me help you

She dragged me placing the knife in my hand and ripping the throat of my ex-friend, the sharp knife made a small cut in my hand in the process.

I can see the blood gushing through the cut on her throat her blood drenched me. My hands wet in blood…. I felt impure, stained and guilty.i cried and cried ….what did I do

What did I do I sobbed into my bloody hands.

You did the right thing she said kissing me on forehead.

I woke up with a start, sweating furiously. It was all a nightmare I consoled myself. I sighed in relief .The fact it was all a dream I was not a murderer made me tranquil.

But suddenly my phone rang.

Rina was on line”laura ,teenu ripped her throat and killed herself. ”

“what”i cried.

Several minutes later.I didn’t kill her. I was fast asleep. I can’t be doing it.I look at my entry in flat it was by eight but teenu ripped her throat by 1 a.m.

So I am no suspect. But as I wash my hand I find a small cut on my hand similar to one made yesterday by knife. It left me dumbstruck perhaps startled


Later that day

In office.

“hiiii laura”said someone

I turn around.

There smiles the lady.

“happy Halloween 🎃 ”




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