Are men more talented than women?

Today, I am not giving my opinion but asking for yours. Because it has been long since this question kept throbbing my head.

It’s true women do equally well, but somewhere don’t you feel men are more talented.

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  1. It depends…. There is no generalization …. Talent is something which happens within a person.. when people get opportunity, it gets revealed.. our society is still in a condition where men get more opportunities than women or I would say a boy child is more encouraged to be outspoken than a girl child…. (Though things are changing)… Hence those are more talented who get proper opportunities to show it out… Other talents remain hidden

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    1. You are right but in my work place I mostly here my fellow colleagues emphasising on the fact how well guys work, and perhaps how well they code and they always tell that only rarely a few girls can reach up to that level. Perhaps somewhere it did hurt my pride… Though not intentionally but it keeps me disturbed…. Are we less talented?

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      1. Never… It is not that girls are less talented. .. It is all about the thoughts set in our minds… Our society always assumes things… Like , this particular work is fit only for boys and the other only for girls.. that is what happens when it comes to coding systems… Few years back when computer science came as a new stream, I don’t think girls were encouraged to chose that, it was told ‘computer things and all are good only for boys’ .. As I remember, the number of girls for PCMC were far less compared to boys those days .. (Now I dont know)…. Hence boys grabbed the fresh opportunities… Girls came little later… So it is default thought that boys only do better.. But we cannot simply give some reasons and say this.. If we are not really good at something, do learn it from those who do well and proceed… Don’t take things to heart…

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      1. That’s the point. The result is changed as per the change of conditions. All have some qualities and drawbacs. For the sake of arguement we may compare one to one but the general comparison either way is unjustified.

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  2. I have met girls who are so talented, like goodness! I think, in my opinion, finding your purpose/talent and working towards it is a key determinant to how talented you are and if you stand out. Men are/seem to be talented because society encourages them while career women are discouraged. So it all depends with you. Make a difference everyday. Change the narrative.

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    1. I certainly agree with this. The world has got so used to a patriarchal society that it have forgotten that women are just as important as men.

      After all, there’s that saying, “Behind every man there’s a woman.”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  3. Oh man. I can’t answer this one. This week I posted my opinion about how I feel that men are territorial and got attacked…haha! So I plea the fifth. Great post and good luck.

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  4. In my opinion, both women and men are talented in their own ways, which make them both equal. They might not be equal in the same things. Women can do some things that men can’t, whereas men compensate for this by being good at other things that women aren’t good at.

    This I am saying from my observations. It can always differ from person to person.πŸ˜ƒ

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  5. I read an interesting hypothesis/theory on this once—I cannot recall where. The question put forth was why men had contributed so much more to humanity, throughout human history, than women—outside of childbirth, of course. And the answer had everything to do with childbirth. We men play a secondary role in bearing children—we only carry the fertilizer, not the eggs, and we do not give birth to children. So we give birth to other things—like temples, monuments, books, artworks, musical compositions, plays, films, machines, weapons, surgical instruments, religions, governments, philosophies, etc., etc., etc. Are we men more talented than women? Certainly not. But we are driven to create, and create, and create, and create—as compensation for our inability to give birth to sons and daughters. So it only seems that we are more talented—because we make so much more stuff!

    In our human prehistory, before organized religions were established, we first worshipped the phallus—the penis—all over the world. Because that’s where we believed babies came from—we didn’t know we just provided the fertilizer, and not the eggs. Eventually, we realized that babies came from the womb—and we began worshipping not only the womb, but the entire body of the woman. We even began carving little idols in homage to the woman’s body—with amazingly exaggerated features—like the Venus of Willendorf.

    Freud was right—there is such a thing as penis envy in women. But there is also vagina envy (a.k.a. vulva envy) in men—we’re just too proud to admit it! Believe me, we men find you women incomprehensibly fascinating!

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  6. Well, i guess it varies from individual to individual. And part of the reason why men seem to be more talented is because they grab every opportunity they get. Women usually think of family, friends, society before taking a decision. They do not really get enough platforms, and if they do get the opportunity, they conveniently say No.

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  7. Definitely not, women are far more talented than men in my experience. I have worked for both and women and have women more open, direct and supportive. Men have a tendency to protect their ‘space’ But what do I know I’ve only been working for 45 years in three different industries and three continents lol. Great post and well written πŸ˜€

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