The Christmas

images (2)The winter snow nuzzled my skin. The icy wind oogled at my ears as snow flakes settled on my coat. I whisk it away entering a colourful shop. I never do get the feeling it is Christmas until I stumble into toy or gift shops, jingle bells tickled in glee announcing my arrival . The toy trains whistled gushing through the tiny caves and leaping through the miniature bridges. I found kids fidgeting with their parents for gifts. A finely dressed lady walked next to me and enquired “what are you looking for madam? “.

I averted my eyes from a furry teddy bear which I was admiring. I smiled at her”nothing for now” I said”I am here to meet Mark”.

“I guess you are on the wrong time. I think he is kind of busy now”she said.

“I am in no hurry…. Mm”…Linda I said reading her name tag. “I think you must pay attention to your other customers, Mark can be bad ass at times ”

She nodded giving me a kind smile and moved on to other family buying gifts. I loved the clatter of kids and merriness of Christmas inspite of the fact I don’t have anyone back at home waiting for me.

My brother is with his family in Seattle. I have already send gifts for him, his lovely wife and my adorable niece. I don’t have any boyfriends as a matter of fact I broke up with the third boyfriend my brother arranged for me,he broke up with me stating I am so stone hearted.¬† And no presents today, as my darling brother prefer to send me money rather than gifts, my brother is absolutely adorable and utterly stupid. I always wished for a gift.

I traced my finger on a tiny fluffy bunny. Suddenly I saw someone else staring at the same bunny. I bent down at the little figure a tiny boy of ten, “you want this?” I asked .

He nodded”how much does it cost? “.

“Do I look like a sales lady? “I asked offended.

“Sorry” he replied..

“I was just messing with you little one “I said placing the toy on his hand.

I let out a small laugh…

“you look beautiful when you smile “he replied examining the toy. I sat on a chair next to him. This serious looking little one really amuses me.

A dejected expression crossed his brow. He left the toy and moved towards the exit. “You left it here,you seemed to love it” I said.

“it was for my sister, thanks for your concern “he said moving out.

“hey” I called.

“I’ll get you it”I said.

“really, I’ll pay you back”he said.

“never mind”I said handing over the toy to him. It didn’t actually cost much,but that little boy reminded me of my brother. I felt good.

“looks like someone learnt the joy of giving “Mark remarked strottling out to the shop. Mark is an old man in his late sixties .I sat by his side.”It is always a pleasure to see you Anne. “he said.

We sat in silence, he is more like the only friend I have here. “Mark, I feel lonely “I said at last.

“you are such a wonderful child,the world is filled with wonderful people, may be Christ is waiting at your doorstep”he said. “I must go my grandkids might be waiting for me,merry Christmas Anne”

I sat at an lonely bench in the park. It was filled with Christmas cheer, but slowly the noise died down. I walked up to my house unbolted the closed door. It was twelve at night. I woke up at the rattling noise at my living. Fear engripped me, I took a large vase and moved to the living switching on the light. I brandished my vase startled nearly dropping it.

There near my Christmas tree stood a 2 foot long creature. I gripped the vase hard slowly moved towards the creature. It looked like Dobby in Harry Potter. Dobby i shrieked.

The tiny creature screamed hiding behind me “who is Dobby? ”

I looked at him confounded, “I am johnny”he said extending his tiny hand.”i am not meant to show myself, make sure you don’t tell Santa”.

I took his bony hand and stared at him dumbstruck.

“please stop staring at me miss”he said” I am not that weird to look at”

Weird is an understatement when it comes to the creature which stood in front of me. Bony figure with a green sweater and white fur. Large pointed ears protruding through tiny holes in his cap.




Two years with WordPress, you gotta be kidding

Two years with WordPress. I never realised until a minute ago I have completed two years with WordPress. It taught me to write, well perhaps made me believe¬† people don’t puke reading my work. I never had a mere idea I could pen poems until I ventured in here.

Thanks my dear friends for reading my little attempts to write and thank you for always being there and encouraging me at every tiny step I take.Thankyou for accepting me as I vent my feelings out at times. Thanks for your constant support and love

Love you loads my dearest WordPress family.

With love

anagha murali


Beauty, thy world’s greatest

I’d tell it’s her,.

The soft brown curls

Cascading down her shoulders.


Her alluring honey brown eyes.

Tiny freckles

festoon the corner of her lips

As it curves into tidly smile.


Her amiable heart

Enriches her like the an exquisite jewel.

Adding lustre to her

already shimmering self


My heart falters at her smiles

It tatters at her tears

She is the celestial beauty

Destined to be mine.


Never in the face of earth

Has never been a maiden

More beautiful than her.

She is none other than my mom.


With love your daughter

Anagha M