The Valentine

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Lonely shades of darkness,

Canopied the drawling night,

Moonlit night hurled the strange

Silence of the weary night.


Half clad night dress

Clung to her bony frame

As tears swarm down her cheeks

In memory of her bygone love .


Her fingers trailed across the metal photo frame

As droplets of blood trailed down the scaffolding

as metal cleaved her flawless skin.

On the picture of her inane love.


His eyes with the amartine spark

The glimmer in which she remained astray

His lips held the naughy grin

And a hug which held her close.


Together they smiled

Only in  pictures, the lifeless cue of past

He was her smile

which eluded her forever


She stared into the lonely moonlit lane

As the cold night breeze waffled the dry leaves.

The swish and swirl of night

The nights when they walked together.


Wiping the tiny tears

Which solemnly traced a wet trail

Down her pale cheeks

Marking her tired  skin.


Only if he comes back ,

Only if she had courage to call him back,

If only he realised she was worth more than the other girl.

who snatched him off from her


Her heart broke at the mere thought

She grabbed her coat and purse

Just to end up sobbing on the

Lonely but extravagant bed.


She lay heartless as the night drawls in

And the day sets off to an another morning

It’s time to shed her resolve and walk up to him.

One last look in mirror the perfect look


She drove in to the city,

Her perfect nails quiverred

I am getting him back she declared.

As her car sped off the driveway.


As he reached his place

Reality struck her like a dagger

How much she tries to make herself beleive

The con that he left her for an another girl and has a happy life.


It dawned like every year.

As she stood by his grave

Death nay part us she weeps

Wishing him a happy Valentine’s with bouquets and roses.







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