A selfish woman’s day wish

My post and picture doesn’t adhere much anyways

I would like to wish happiness and joy to all the women in the world ….

Stop. …stop. ..stop not all the woman.

I would like to extend my warm hearted wishes to the wonderful women out there but let me get this straight…. But not to everyone.

If you were good and nice to me please omit the below section….

Certain bitches… No wishes for you… Let your life rot, hope you go to hell…. And let this year be so worse that you should think every second why am I born as a girl. ….

You filthy scum bags, you are the reason why world generalise woman as manipulative and egoistic. Just because certain women treats guys like shit and throws them like scrap away and puts on a whole lot of drama.

Speaking of drama, I love theatre but not these tantrums thrown out by these scrawny bitches. I wish a hell of women’s Day for the woman who made my life pretty bad.

My ex roomie… First place because  its like stack, last in first out. I hate you filthy egoistic thrash. Seriously you b-hexa i did you nothing wrong. But you treated me like shit. I have an unflinching desire to immerse a heeled shoe on your face.

The set of girls who made my life nothing worse than living hell. I actually don’t remember your name because I did delete you from my brain but the scars remain…. So if a dung ball fall on your head don’t panic. It will be I who planted it over your head.

My dearest pinnochio nosed aunts

I know I am ugly, I don’t want you to compare my looks with my perfect cousins .All those perfect girls with perfect curves. I prefer brains to beauty and I am happy as I am. I don’t want you to lament on my looks anymore. Go to hell you edgy gossipheads.

There are lot of women. Who made me feel nothing greater than shit.Made me endure a series of depression.This did make me strong and independent. Well wish the above mentioned people a worse life filled with sorrows and misfortune  ..men actually never bothered me.I respect them for that.

My heart felt wishes for woman out there

Who made me smile, who taught me to strive, who kindled the fire in my heart.

My wishes to the woman who dreams

Not for those who belittles her dream because she is a woman.

My wishes for the woman who strive for a change, for the one who is a change.

For one who gives her food to her hungry kid cheating her stomach.

One who strives all day and night

One who works in office by day and home by night.

One who is lost behind  the kitchen smoke dwells in its shadows

For all the single mothers out there.

For all the moms who speak to dads on behalf of their kids.

For every girl who spreads her smile.

For every girl who walks out of her house with a stranger her parents chose.

For every woman writer who pens the strength

For every woman who have accomplished ,and for every woman who tried to be accomplished.

For everyone woman who has the grit to try what people tell is beyond her reach

To my mom my strength, my sisters(arent woman yet-just children….future woman) above all my granny who is up there in heaven smiling over my follies.

To all the women out here in WordPress . If you are in WordPress if you are reading my work… You can’t be bad. I will always love you.

As far as I know almost all the women I know in WordPress are big sweethearts at times too strong willed and indeed too kind hearted and supportive .

I wish you all the happiness and a hearty woman’s day wishes.

Ps:i am a bit rude, this is who I am…bear with me….

Loads of love

Anagha M


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