My boyfriend checklist.

images (25).jpegAlmost every girl has expectations on her boyfriend. Well I never had any so today I pen things which I think my boyfriend should possess  . Perhaps his looks.

Hair-untidy black, messy growing all over the place.

Eyes-bright green must make everyone tell you have your mother’s eyes.

Height-no bar.

Character-brave gryffindor.

Additional qualities -must have least regard for rules. Must be there always to save the day.

Academic excellence -must be exceptionally good at defence against dark arts.

Qualifications :A Hogwarts degree, must be qualified to be an auror.

Rare qualities: unflinching in face of danger.Must be ready to sacrifice his life for friends(only if they are true like Ron and Hermione) or else you would have to bear dire consequences .

Extra curricular :Must be a good quiddich player.Youngest seeker in the history of Hogwarts.

Language credentials -parseltongue, English…you can learn mermish, troll or anything you like, coz you adored Dumbledore .

Patronous- stag.q

Boggart-i don’t mind your biggest being a dementor, I am ready to accept you with your flaws.

Identity marks- lightning bolt shaped scar on the forehead.

Ps: I know a lot of girls would try to use love potion on you so be careful. And don’t forget I am good at jinxing and I don’t mind using crucio even on you if you ever think of cheating.

Did I end up describing Harry Potter again…….potterheads never change.







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