Father’s Day -Being a dad.

images (62)It’s fathers day and what you do is cordially shake the hand of your dad and wish him a happy Father’s Day. All those words you want to tell him, how much gratitude you feel towards him, all those things which overwhelms your heart remains buried in the shambles of a handshake.

Relationship with dad.

Most of the time the relationship we have with dad is quite different from that with mom. Dad mostly doesn’t have time to hear all the ramblings of our heart like mom does. But with him by our side every problem dispels. When everything goes wrong in life I tend to call dad.

Emotional support

I have gone through few hard phases of my life with some unfaithful friends. Anguish and tinge of depression outlining my feeble mind. I call up-to my dad and ask him what shall I do?

He asks me to do what I want, even to return home if I can’t take it anymore that too when he had lost his job. But my dad didn’t rear a coward who would run away just because of few unfaithful friends. He has taught me to fight and to raise above all odds.

Yelling game

I yell at dad, our opinions conflict most of the times. Most of the kids are scared of their dad. I fear, not of his anger but of his dissapointment. I am scared if I don’t live upto my daddy’s expectations.

My dad was there to hold on to everytime my steps faltered. I failed more number of times in my goals than any other daughter would . It might be because I dream too big, dad never curtailed my dreams. I have heard about parents who flinch in the face of educating their daughters. I have a dad who told me to do my masters when he didn’t have a single penny in his hand and we were struggling to make the ends meet. So I am exceptionally grateful.

He knows it all

My dad doesn’t prefer me writing. As you all know if one takes writing as a career the possibility one would end up starving is extremely high. He bought me Harry Potter and at a point he severely warned me I should stop reading and writing completely. Can’t blame him, my obsession towards books is too high. Dad always knows what his little girl wants. If I desire for something I needn’t ask him I want it. It would be on my table the following day.

I wanna tell dad just one thing

I love you dad. I am lucky you are my dad. I know we are your world. But Dad we know how much you have sacrificed for us. I simply know our happiness is all you need. Life may be hard dad, it has never been easy. you are my strength. You may think you are old, but in my eyes you are the same superhero who is strongest in the world, let years pass but you are my superhero. And you will ever be the best dad in the world.

Happy Father’s Day my dearest super hero.


One thought on “Father’s Day -Being a dad.

  1. Reblogged this on The Mysterious Beyond and commented:
    Father’s Day or not, my father is my first love and my hero. He’ll also be in my heart and I’ll always love him, even if I don’t necessarily agree with him.

    In the following reblog, Anagha has very beautifully expressed exactly what I feel. Thank you for doing this post, my friend.


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