Friendship day-is it worth it

So let questions worth answers,

In this languid journey called life,

Unanswered are some,

so is “what are these friends? ”

I ain’t believe in friendship

Let not any relationship.

For the world and its ways

taught me nay to trust.

So who are friends?

An writers speculation search,

Certain relationship that asks nothing in return

Is indeed a blatant lie.

Nothing in this world,

Comes without a price,

So does your friendship

Comes with a price tag attached.

Humans are beguile so are their relationship,

Lame hearts bear the greatest torment,

Lovers acclaim love is divine,

Friends state friendship.

All I have to give is a sarcastic chuckle

When they tell friends are more than family,

I havent found a love so true as my mother’s is,

Friends are just acquaintances.

May be some are genuine,

Most are back stabbing vipers

Let me not ruin your day or faith

There is still hope.

May be you are lucky

Found someone trust worthy,

Read between lines my friends,

When you bask in ecstasy of friendship

Don’t forget to find the real human inside,

If you find him genuine behind the false facade

And made up smile,

I wish you a happy friendship day

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