Sarah Waters Paying guest (genre -homosexuality)

images (1)Spoilers ahead!!!??

Reader discretion advised!! !

I am explicitly letting you know what the book deals with. It deals with homosexuality. The lesbian romance portrayed in a languid and awe inspiring style of writing.

Let me tell you one thing for sure. It was tremendously awkward and uncomfortable to read a book dealing with this subject.

Did I know this while I bought this book?

No I didn’t, I bought the book with the first cover and clearly had no idea. I would not have picked it of I had.

Do I regret buying it?

Obviously not, it was hard initially to read this book due to the institutionalized idea brimming over my head, hardcore and defined by this society. It was tremendously unacceptable, then my view slowly started changing. My narrow minded attitude slowly broadened into a wider chasm. There are people like this around me, their sexual preference is none of my concern. There is nothing wrong, they are just like me and you. Some people don’t like curd,some don’t prefer meat. Taste of every person is difference so are there sexual preferences. It’s up to them to decide whom they sleep with. We can’t judge them based on that…..

There are instances in which the lead girl fancies her lover girl

“flesh around her bones”

I was like” all humans have flesh around thier bones. Oh please. ”

And indeed it instill fears, holding a girls hand does that mean something offbeat. Should one be careful around girls too, and then I realized that I was encroaching the subject with a negative perspective .Don’t I have guy friends? Does holding thier hands mean anything. It means nothing. So does this mean nothing .

Yes off course, I am clearly over thinking. First time reading this genre is extra awkward.

Haha, I am beating around the bush.

Now about the book

The main character is an aristocratic British spinster living with her aged mother, just as you expect there are indeed a onerous amount of clattering teapots, baking and gowns.

It deals with rich people tarnished by war, ended up letting in paying guests to pay their bills. The book explains the hardships of rich when left without maid struggling to tend their needs. Frankly speaking, cleaning your house and cooking your own meal is not a big deal.

Half the way through the book I was like, oh shut up, is this even hardship. They are living a comfortable life thought men of their family died in the war.I feel sorry for thier death, but over exaggeration of their hardships which is nothing but cleaning and cooking made me literally laugh out of sarcasm. I was like “my dearest author, their condition is no way miserable. Can you kindly stop the scrap and come to the point? “

After reading around 350 pages, something interesting happens and actual the story commences.

I read 350 pages just for characterisation and background work of the story.

There are indeed few strong points

The writing style was beyond comprehension., a pure bliss. It just teleported me into an old British household . I can still hear the clattering of tea pots and feel the summer breeze that whistles through the lanes ,whiffing the gowns during the lazy evening walks.I could hear the rattling of the broken tiles under my feet, just by reading the book,such magnificience held the writing.

In short

Not bad, I liked it. If you overlook the exaggeration it’s OK. It is not a book of erotica genre. There is crime, there is love and several emotions beautifully protrayed.The book carries on its homosexuality theme without much fuss that I wished  a happily ever after for them. It’s a good read.

Is it rereadable?

Yeah, you can read it again if you are bored out of your wits and don’t have anything else to read.


I give it 3/5 stars




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