My dear withered leaf

Jogging in the morning park,

Damp air greets my sleepy mane

I know not, why these

alluring blossoms by the lane

In its velvety elegance,

And exquisite softness,

shant enrapture my heart

as these withered leaves does

Why my withered leaf?

is it because we are so similar,

broken and unwanted

served the purpose, hence discarded

world deny a place for us

no one gasps at us with awe

never admired

Forever taken for granted.

yet we do crave

only if we could whisk in the dulcet air

levitating and caressing a maidens tendril hair

Or waft with the gliding wind

We peer at the way ahead

laden with innumerous dreams

but are trampled again and yet again

My dear insignificant withered leaf

we do yearn, don’t we!

Though momma tree has abandoned us

we are one among the specks of dusts

whose presence is never acknowledged

Is it because

you are utilized to make

delicate flower look captivating

indeed, everyone lovely

hangs out with obscure ones like us!

for their elegance attenuates on comparison,

we nay is envious, but sad,

Tired of this ignorance and disdain

to be discarded in trash,

like we never meant a thing

smiles are a facade

so are we, treated as a substitute

when the winsome flower blooms

forgotten, never to be remembered again

the passerby trampled you mercilessly

without a good word, nay knowing

how much you endure

Just to make thier path softer

Dear withered leaf , does your fellow leaves

Tell you, this is your fate

since you are withered, mine did too tell me

it’s my fate, since I was a girl, born insignificant

but we do never accept the fate

We write ours don’t we

my dearest withered leaf!


does anyone else like the withered leaf?

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