how about a cup of coffee????

My friends call me crazy….by the way I am ….about me huh???not much….a harry potter fan.

I am addicted to books and in the acute stage of it and no rehabilitation center can save me now.

I chose engineering  because I was awed by science fiction books and love of physics.I believe in making impossible happen and that is the magic of books and science.

and again books play an important role in my life…if without them my life is boring…

A cup of hot coffee and a lovely book on a rainy day is something I always desire and is the only thing that makes my day perfect.

I am completely tired of being the person whom my parents want me to be acting like I am pleased with everything and in this blog is where I allow my views and ideas to flutter which I normally conceal in order make the people around me happy.

I always prefer to be truthful and frank but one cant be truthful in this world without hurting others feeling well I am truthful in this blog…

By the way if your ready to bear my craziness lets be friends


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