Just a glimpse.(my first proposal)

I am just like every other writer,my eyes always set out on a stringent hunt for stories and end up penning tales of my friends without their prior acknowledgment .And at last when they come to know about my stealthy attitude,they normally sport me an exasperated look remarking you never change. (more…)



I sit here staring out of the window as droplets whisker down my glassy window .it poured down from heaven quenching the thirst of earth and wiping my tears clean.
What makes rain so special ? I don’t know…..I feel to write when it rains .I am astray in the strange canopy of happiness unable to realize what fills my heart in glee…..
I am confined in the prison of my heart walled in the name of maturity.how desperately I wish to run into rain and play like a kid.
I can see through the window the water flowing fast through the road .the droplets tickle my face as i type this line.the plants play happily laughing and cheering in its own way….they may save some droplets to drench me in when i walk beneath them.rain resembles an old friend who drives in the memories….those childhood memories of running into rain carefree. ……the paper boats…..on the road…
I still stare like a kid out of my window..longing ….i hear to the rain which composes my favorite music by its splash…..thud….
A cup of coffee and book would make this rainy day perfect though I am deprived of the happiness of playing in rain.
The kid inside me rebels as she hears the melodious voice of rain…which instills a strange sense of unexplainable¬† happiness .rain¬† it makes me feel happy…. I forget my grief and agony and obviously I can’t learn when it is raining….
It falls fast ,slow ,at times accompanied by lightening¬† forming beautiful patterns on sky….the thunder is considered to be scary but I love everything of rain.
Am I crazy ?may be….