the girl who forgot her birthday

well,the girl who forgot her birthday thats me….My family forgot my birthday so did I…..everyone must be happy anticipating on their birthday,but what is wrong with me why dont I care???….Is there something wrong with me…or just I am a bit more preoccupied by my own thoughts….

I kept my phone silent as phone is supposed to be silent in classes as my friends are tired of coughing to compensate my mobile ring tone….but I forgot to change it from silent mode.after spending a fair amount of time on analog electronics I dozed off….the next day I got up late…

….whats wrong with me…????I am totally absent minded….nowadays….may be the few people who tried to reach me might have given up

It was evening around 5 pm……my friend called…. I am sorry for my late wishes.

“Wishes for what?” I asked

“for your birthday… What else you moron? “she sequeled

“is it 25 march, crap I forgot “I reckoned.

BTW Not much people are bothered I am born. So am I… Anyway I am just an additional to useless bulk of population of my already populated country.I can’t blame my parents we are going through a hectic phase in life…. But anyways

What kind of person will forget their own birthday other than me????

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