Tackling depression

At times life may not have a pull or an urge to pursue further.
The very place you dwell  might just be infested with hatred filled people who make sure your life is a living hell . Almost every soul around you hates you.

Things you do may take an unfavoured turn or you might perceive that you are a lot cause. Your heart tend to be heavy that moreover like an iron weighing a ton has been fastened around your heart.
There might always be fear or anticipation for life ahead.

Depression, stress and anxiety might be devouring you alive. You would want to weep out aloud. You might be demotivated, succumb to the feeling that you are never gonna make it.You might feel like quitting .

Perhaps you might feel useless, wasted and exhausted

Nobody seems to understand, nobody cares, death might appear as an easier option
and when tide is not our favour.

The thing that will get you going in the hardest of times

Think of  your family  how much you mean to them….you are loved and forever will be

We always quarrel with our family.And might disagree with the point of views of our siblings or parents but no one can deny your family loves you the best. images (38).jpeg

The so called Friends (acquaintances)

And people around you.Those double faced chameleons, ask them to screw themselves. Please, they do you no good, however hard you act,trying to remain tranquil and pleasant, they aren’t going to pleased. We always incline to be over cautious about other people’s opinions . Those blank headed warts, they are never going to think good about you . So don’t give a damn. I am going on preaching this and still do. For god sake live for yourself.

“Successful people don’t have friends “-Sheldon Cooper

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Whatever I do go wrong, may be I am a lost cause

Perhaps things are not in your favour today

Panicking is never going to provide you a solution . Just analyse the problem after detoxifying your brain from the malignant affliction called stress. Stressed is an excuse you give to your imbalanced self. Just relax. This is not the end of world

“nothing is impossible under the sun”

nothing is impossible even above it, with present technology even that is possible.

Let me tell you a truth.

I am a person who panics for no particular reason and my dad will be like

Dad:”So do you think it is a valid reason to be panicked? ”

Me:”no but I am tensed”

There are bigger problems in the world, neither the richest nor the poorest is happy.

Venting out your feelings to someone you trust might help a lot.

tomorrow is yet an another new beginning.Things are surely going to get better.

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Successful people never give up. Hope is always the answer.

Ps:maybe this post might or might not be helpful .It may have many flaws.  These were predominant things that helped me. Perhaps there are lot of little things that helped me out. I will be happy to share it with you if you like.unnamed (3).gif


Fathers day?love u dad.

Never have I expressed my love for daddy,because I always assumed showing how much I care wasnt cool,or simply didnt hassle.My daddy is the best must be an easy fancy of a daughter ,for I do know every dad loves their kid.

I am indeed like every other kid out there,but I am not scared of daddy ,Am I not ?well that is a hypothetical question.I am not scared of dad however afraid if my actions can hurt him.(that is a better answer)

Dad may be a three letter word,

for I am sturdy once I spell these three letters…

Dont mess with me I will complain to my daddy….was my words to half the set of bully’s in my preschool .

but my dad taught me to kick their ass

instead of nugatory laments.

I did fancy  things,

but never did I tell him what I need.

because even before I expressed a slightest inclination ,

may be cause of strange telepathy.

It would have assembled before me,

 nay am I allowed to read books

 rather than those filthy academics,

but still he bought me harry potter

and several other story books,

daddy is aware that I sneak out ,

and always breach his rules,

but still graciously ignore my mistakes

coz he know I’ll perish without reading.

Yes ,he is hot tempered no denying it,

but he is still my three lettered magic.

love you daddy!!!!!

I remember in an interview I was asked a hypothetical question every time I answer they asked pursued more making it harder…then I was out of answers I said “Ill ask my dad he will know what to do”I was sure they might reject me,but they smiled ,they were taken aback by my answer,they strained me a lot….and I blurted it out the most inappropriate answer……but luck would have it or unfortunately I was selected.


but that is  what I do when things merely get out of hand.well he is my expedient ,for I know whatever happens my dad would never turn me down.

My dad is a person who sacrificed all his life for the sake of us.He would have afforded to live in a big house with much more luxury if he didnt favor  to provide us the best school in town.

but when I get scoldings my dad and mom stands united(I cant deny the fact I cause more than an acceptable number of trouble).

“every super hero has a world to save.But I am the world for my superhero,my Dad”

Well ,I am still a toddler for my dad.Anyway dad always know what is right for his little girl.




Why I write?

Image result for writing

This is what I have been asking myself all along.It remains a useless work ,obviously time consuming .Being an engineer ,writing is no way related to my stream.

Do I write for likes ?

No,yes…to be frank if you like my post it means its kind of readable and indeed not gibberish.

I write though mom and dad are completely against writing.I sneak stealthily as if committing a horrendous crime just to write.Image result for confused baby face

Why do I like writing so much?

May be because I am crazy on writing,or perhaps it might  be due to immense love for reading.

Or it helps me cry out my feelings,I needn’t curtail it in my heart.

It is an ecstasy to immerse yourself in joy of writing when your imagination transforms into words flowing down faster than you would expect.

poetry is a charm ,where tears and frustration poured out in form of poetry, relieves my heart from burden I have been carrying all along.

not just tears ….joy,depression,hatred,love ,agony,confusion ,excitement,fantasies,musings all these feelings are converted into words.

it helps me to think rethink in being me.

The greatest reason why I write

I feel happy when I write,that is why I do it.

Without writing?

NOOOOOOoOOOO…..Image result for confused baby face

I just cant imagine a life like that..

I am not sure if I write well or not but still I write,because I don’t think I can even breath if I stop writing….

without writing I will perish.



then why do I blog?

Is that a question????I am addicted

answer is simple it is because I love you all,you always pay heed to my writing how ever drowsy and boring it is.I am literary in love with your comments.

Image result for confused baby face

Again wasting time when academics are taunting me?There is a huge pile of homework to be done.Not sure how I am gonna complete it.

Still I write,still I blog,

though I know it is wrong.

With love

Anagha murali

why do you write?

happy birthday my dearest ones.


Words fall short,I feel blank,because I am not sure if words can provide as an apt medium to describe her.Her care affection,her character personality ,her lovely charm lurking in her voice sets her apart.My bugsie,my sister, my best friend, my best buddy who in spite of her busy schedule and work load finds time for me.Simply every second she makes me love her more.

She is an blessing the WordPress bestowed on me.She is someone I will never part with anyone.I came across her in Nitin’s blog.Thanks Nitin for being the reason who made me meet my lovely sister,We started speaking about harry potter somewhere in the deepest corner of my heart I liked her.Her poems were astounding with a mind blowing vocabulary.Her words defined her,howbeit I realized she was a million yards sweeter than any poem could express.

She is a singer,not just a mere singer,the best.Ask me who is your favorite singer?

It is my pratz.Sorry even the world’s best singer doesn’t sing half the way good as my darling sister.

A voice that makes an identity for herself.I have heard the music erupting from the cord of her throat ,melting the listeners in the bliss of her melodious tune.She works with a band,well all these are just her past time.She is an IT professional who is struggles with her hectic work schedule.She is strong hardworking,she sketches,she writes,she sings,she is a poet……

above all….she has a heart that loves.

She was one of the best thing that happened to me.She may not be my blood but she is more we are sisters by soul.

I want to be near you.

if I write….I will write forever.

I love you sister,I adore you love you.lucky and proud to be your sister…wish you a happy birthday.



how about a trip to Andromeda galaxy?just to meet our milky way’s neighbor.

Let god bestow all the happiness in your life…..

I dont have anything to give you other than my prayer and love

With love

your stupid bugsie



He has my favorite god’s name.He is a lovely friend,but whenever I speak to him .I always laugh,his sarcasm is awesome.He is an amazing critic,how well he writes on politics .

A realistic,funny fellow,an book lover.

Above all an Harry potter fan(the trait I love the most in him).

speaking to him,time speeds away so fast,he is an interesting fellow….an awesome friend….wonderful he is…..

HaPpY BiRtHdAy….,,hope you find your radha…..and hope you achieve your dreams


with love

your friend anagha.

A star was born on this day,

for this was called a birthday,

The trees sways with the symphony

of Mr breeze to just whisper a happy

birthday ,In this day,

the rivers play duet with

striking rocks,

the pianoforte on the sand

to play a happy birthday song.

the birds chirp with

lovely grasshoppers background score

declaring you birthday greetings.

and my heart beats

with a lub and tub

spelling you a happy birthday



out of my window…

have you stared out of your window ?

have you stared without your eyes searching for anything in particular skimming through all that the world places around you ?

well I do it when I learn,inside the strong walls of house you experience a strange quaffed sense of monotony though we are quite ignorant or perhaps unaware .my eyes skim through the swaying leaves ,tiny beetles ,wandering studious ants ,my stupid cute dog and the fellow people hurrying behind something worthy or unworthy unable to fall into conclusions but still pondering speeding behind the chores that remain undone.You must be counting I must be on my leisure obviously not..I have that undulated mountain heaved on my head called exams grinning at me with a taunting smile stating you little procrastinator,,,,

I still glance out of my window,I glance at my books I write down the frame format of ethernet but my mind races out of my window I can hear little boys spreeing in their bicycles.It is really long since i touched my cycle,it lies there at the corner of my house rusted so lies my childhood long lost,Can I get back those days ?no….I moved on….my eyes flicker to the girl next door lean harsh girl.I wondered can a person be so very lean?my mind is at times a unfastened helium balloon ,there passed an old woman slightly hunch back ,she really looked pathetic with freckles all over,she was retiring from work as it is nearly dusk.what kind of a kid will allow their mom to work at such an old age?I dont know I will never get answer .

the temple bell rings its nearly six I resume learning

my foolish rantings…

if a girl is strong bold and mature,

it doesn’t insist that she is harsh or devoid of feelings.

it means that she had gone through enough ,

her tears have already dried,

her strength must have sprouted out from her tears,

if her cheeks doesnt blush at lame remarks,

it just infers the fact that she has faced the realities of life and is quite tired of acting as a damsel in distress and indeed realized life is no fairy tale ,there is no prince charming out there who would come on a horseback to save her.






I sit here staring out of the window as droplets whisker down my glassy window .it poured down from heaven quenching the thirst of earth and wiping my tears clean.
What makes rain so special ? I don’t know…..I feel to write when it rains .I am astray in the strange canopy of happiness unable to realize what fills my heart in glee…..
I am confined in the prison of my heart walled in the name of maturity.how desperately I wish to run into rain and play like a kid.
I can see through the window the water flowing fast through the road .the droplets tickle my face as i type this line.the plants play happily laughing and cheering in its own way….they may save some droplets to drench me in when i walk beneath them.rain resembles an old friend who drives in the memories….those childhood memories of running into rain carefree. ……the paper boats…..on the road…
I still stare like a kid out of my window..longing ….i hear to the rain which composes my favorite music by its splash…..thud….
A cup of coffee and book would make this rainy day perfect though I am deprived of the happiness of playing in rain.
The kid inside me rebels as she hears the melodious voice of rain…which instills a strange sense of unexplainable  happiness .rain  it makes me feel happy…. I forget my grief and agony and obviously I can’t learn when it is raining….
It falls fast ,slow ,at times accompanied by lightening  forming beautiful patterns on sky….the thunder is considered to be scary but I love everything of rain.
Am I crazy ?may be….

depressed…I have an solution…

have you felt a hollow deep down your heart??????have you ever felt you dont fit in anymore….like moreover depressed your head keeps throbbing….your feelings goes unnoticed….you always seem to be an outcast….however you try to adjust you are always pointed out for your inability..everyone criticizes you…

there are people who do grave mistakes and still go unnoticed but even a trifle mistake from your side creates a lot of fuss……your girlfriend boyfriend or none of your dear ones seems to understand what you are going through…you have lost interest in your work…feeling void …..opaque…no one seems to care…

life is not the same…you might feel…tired moreover like a machine….you feel like stressed ,perhaps turning insane…mad angry…frustrated….

I think I know a medicine…..

dont think about anything….ask all those worries to screw itself..go take your pillow….sleep well….there is no worry and pressure a good slumber cant cure…..lets face the problems with a fresh mind …

..above all you are the king of your world….

not interested….do something interesting…

its upto your perspective to decide whats interesting.

if people ignore you….

its time you should start ignoring them….

if people laughs at you….

it means you are an interesting personality,,,,

you are great…you have enemies…

that means people are noticing you….

they are either jealous of you…or want to be like you….

or scared of your growth…

that makes you special….doesnt it???…..

ps: sleeping is my favourite hobby…