Tackling depression

At times life may not have a pull or an urge to pursue further.
The very place you dwell  might just be infested with hatred filled people who make sure your life is a living hell . Almost every soul around you hates you.

Things you do may take an unfavoured turn or you might perceive that you are a lot cause. Your heart tend to be heavy that moreover like an iron weighing a ton has been fastened around your heart.
There might always be fear or anticipation for life ahead.

Depression, stress and anxiety might be devouring you alive. You would want to weep out aloud. You might be demotivated, succumb to the feeling that you are never gonna make it.You might feel like quitting .

Perhaps you might feel useless, wasted and exhausted

Nobody seems to understand, nobody cares, death might appear as an easier option
and when tide is not our favour.

The thing that will get you going in the hardest of times

Think of  your family  how much you mean to them….you are loved and forever will be

We always quarrel with our family.And might disagree with the point of views of our siblings or parents but no one can deny your family loves you the best. images (38).jpeg

The so called Friends (acquaintances)

And people around you.Those double faced chameleons, ask them to screw themselves. Please, they do you no good, however hard you act,trying to remain tranquil and pleasant, they aren’t going to pleased. We always incline to be over cautious about other people’s opinions . Those blank headed warts, they are never going to think good about you . So don’t give a damn. I am going on preaching this and still do. For god sake live for yourself.

“Successful people don’t have friends “-Sheldon Cooper

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Whatever I do go wrong, may be I am a lost cause

Perhaps things are not in your favour today

Panicking is never going to provide you a solution . Just analyse the problem after detoxifying your brain from the malignant affliction called stress. Stressed is an excuse you give to your imbalanced self. Just relax. This is not the end of world

“nothing is impossible under the sun”

nothing is impossible even above it, with present technology even that is possible.

Let me tell you a truth.

I am a person who panics for no particular reason and my dad will be like

Dad:”So do you think it is a valid reason to be panicked? ”

Me:”no but I am tensed”

There are bigger problems in the world, neither the richest nor the poorest is happy.

Venting out your feelings to someone you trust might help a lot.

tomorrow is yet an another new beginning.Things are surely going to get better.

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Successful people never give up. Hope is always the answer.

Ps:maybe this post might or might not be helpful .It may have many flaws.  These were predominant things that helped me. Perhaps there are lot of little things that helped me out. I will be happy to share it with you if you like.unnamed (3).gif


out of my window…

have you stared out of your window ?

have you stared without your eyes searching for anything in particular skimming through all that the world places around you ?

well I do it when I learn,inside the strong walls of house you experience a strange quaffed sense of monotony though we are quite ignorant or perhaps unaware .my eyes skim through the swaying leaves ,tiny beetles ,wandering studious ants ,my stupid cute dog and the fellow people hurrying behind something worthy or unworthy unable to fall into conclusions but still pondering speeding behind the chores that remain undone.You must be counting I must be on my leisure obviously not..I have that undulated mountain heaved on my head called exams grinning at me with a taunting smile stating you little procrastinator,,,,

I still glance out of my window,I glance at my books I write down the frame format of ethernet but my mind races out of my window I can hear little boys spreeing in their bicycles.It is really long since i touched my cycle,it lies there at the corner of my house rusted so lies my childhood long lost,Can I get back those days ?no….I moved on….my eyes flicker to the girl next door lean harsh girl.I wondered can a person be so very lean?my mind is at times a unfastened helium balloon ,there passed an old woman slightly hunch back ,she really looked pathetic with freckles all over,she was retiring from work as it is nearly dusk.what kind of a kid will allow their mom to work at such an old age?I dont know I will never get answer .

the temple bell rings its nearly six I resume learning

my foolish rantings…

if a girl is strong bold and mature,

it doesn’t insist that she is harsh or devoid of feelings.

it means that she had gone through enough ,

her tears have already dried,

her strength must have sprouted out from her tears,

if her cheeks doesnt blush at lame remarks,

it just infers the fact that she has faced the realities of life and is quite tired of acting as a damsel in distress and indeed realized life is no fairy tale ,there is no prince charming out there who would come on a horseback to save her.