Insane love

images (18)Murk beyond darkness

In a self imposed confinement

he remained

Until she unfurled his madness.


Insane her eyes drew cold

He remained reticent

The darkness which once awed

Now solely induced tenebrosity


The darkness of the room

Held a contour of pain.

Unknowing he smiled

At a lunatics uphevel


The winter nights drew

The stains of blood remained

At times he did wonder

From which yonder these droplets erupt


Eerie it was

Indeed blind in love he was

Until the very night he saw

Her teeth immersing into the raw flesh


Astonished he watched

Her teeth devouring his flesh

For he wished to warn other suitors

The female cannibal on prowl


Too late he was a ghost.

The girl knows how to hunt

He reckoned ,slowly whisking his flesh which outlined her cheeks

Love is insane indeed.


People would reckon it as love

I would rather yell

Hey you lame idiot

Was your brain rotting

When she made you a nutter all over?




Beauty, thy world’s greatest

I’d tell it’s her,.

The soft brown curls

Cascading down her shoulders.


Her alluring honey brown eyes.

Tiny freckles

festoon the corner of her lips

As it curves into tidly smile.


Her amiable heart

Enriches her like the an exquisite jewel.

Adding lustre to her

already shimmering self


My heart falters at her smiles

It tatters at her tears

She is the celestial beauty

Destined to be mine.


Never in the face of earth

Has never been a maiden

More beautiful than her.

She is none other than my mom.


With love your daughter

Anagha M



Her eyes

He waited until the sun sinked low,

The flowers lowered thier mighty crown,

The lonely nights of silent desolation.

Heart nay had a tiniest ray of happiness.


The lonely path, deserted now,

In a park bench he sat

Eyes set out the wide deserted road

Waiting every dawn, every dusk.


The years rolled off,

But he did wait,

As winter chimed in and left

As summer played and left.


He waited for those lovely eyes

That sparkled and enticed his lonely life

He waited to be by her side.

An eternity passed she never turned by


One rainy night,

The thunder roared and lightening sizzled

His waiting did come to end.

In the grave next to his dearest one he lay.




Tell me you are alright

Tell me you are alright,

For my heart tatters when you are not

Tell me you are okay

Or else my consciousness go astray.


Please be alright

Or else I’ll perish upright

Please keep smiling

Coz your tears devours my spiling


Tell me you are alright

For your gaiety is all I desire

Please be healthy

For you mean a lot to me


Please be strong

For you are my vehemence on whole

Tell me you are alright

Coz you are all I live for


Tell me you are safe

For that is all I crave

Tell me you are alright

For you are the love of my life.


A lovely stare

As he walked

By her side

Her heart raced

Like a rollercoaster  ride.


Their eyes met

Just for a second

But it was more like

An eternal hike.


Tiny giggles

Perfect glares,

Heart struck shut,

Missing a beat or two.


Unknown they remained,

But somewhere they retained,

A petite feeling

Love may be it’s meaning.


Chaos, nay occurred

No flirting

No romance

No opulent presents.


But they did bask

In pleasure

Of each others presence,

At an unvary second.


Dreams always haunted

With each others taunting presence,

Instilling a joy,

Unexpected all over.


Made up reasons,

To conquer eithers eyes,

Strolling near each other.

Did fate play the cupid?


Knowing each other,

Remained a great hurdle

Let never be known

But heart did falter.


Kept a name,

Close to heart.

They knew neither,

But loved either.


But fate in its treacherous self,

Ceasing to provide them

A miniature pleasure

Separating their endeavour.


But they did wish,

For another coffee sip,

Another brilliant day,

If their eyes ever met again.




City lights

Darkness elude the night,

Sun sleeps but the city nay,

Broken and astray lay several dreams

Awake in the  night

Under the city light.

Nature and love remains long lost

The machine held routine life sought

No leaves waving with sway of wind

No soft breeze tickling your clothes

Under the city lights

Chattering birds replaced by throbbing traffic

Wondering when one is perhaps trampled under some speeding vehicle

Weary drained ,with a zillion dreams

They lay awake

Under the city lights.

City never sleeps

Does she?

The night the day all remains the same.

Shooting stars or flying aircraft

All remains the same

Under the city lights

Tired nights and busy days

Or perhaps busy nights and tired days

Under the glimmering light of city

 hides her real darkness beneath

Life drunk in false allure,remains ever deceived

Under the city lights.


you would never know

Image result for nature

you know I have been walking

alone for long,

the alleys we strolled together

now creepers crawl along,



The cold wind gushes through my clothes

instilling memories ,that I taught myself to abandon



The fate, a mischievous cupid

perfectionist in messing with my heart

rendered your presence in my tranquil life

made me an absurd cretin



you painted the scarlet heart

made my heart beat stop



Stony way down the hill

where we first met,

sweat caressed, you bumped on me

making me lose my grip



my heart bet for you ever after,

Did I know? did I ever imagine

I would fall for those flawless smiles

And vindictive charm



Haughty you was ,never did you apologize

winter passed ,summer came

the monsoon swirled …

but you still remained in my heart



With you I walked like alone in rain

rain drops caressed your flawless skin

like pearls ,naughty smile on your lips

we turned kids loitering in rain….



I have to go I cried

I curse you catch a cold you laughed

stayed awake all night

not outta cold ,lovesick kid I was


you stand there

without merest idea

all my pen does is scribbling your name

my poems all had you in it



you would never know, I swear

never my love,

Today I walk alone

in those fern twirling path

cuddled in memories



I know, a word you will be here

but I will never tell….

about miles I walked

just to catch a glimpse of you



Tears caress my cheeks…

you wiped it without

a fragile idea you were the reason behind

I shout to world

but you will never know you were the one



Now the broken dreams

and tattered heart

paints your memories in nature’s refuge

love is insane, so am I







A scream

Is it a curse?

or malediction perhaps worse,

to be a born as a girl,

In this wretched world.


Confined or caged,

we are nothing different than a immure bird.

predicted to caper around with barbie dolls,

and act as dull witted damsel in distress.


what are we considered ?

perhaps a burden laden

on our loved ones.

Or a liability in the household.


useless we are assessed,

never did we get a chance?

to prove ourselves.


Is it our mistake?

that we are born a girl.

Only if I was ever given a choice

I would have chose to be a boy…..


why is that ?

you slit down our wings,

and asked us to fly.

tied our legs together ,

and asked us to run…


what we can give you

is a sarcastic chuckle…

for you forgot to lookout

for the fire beneath the dainty lashes….


confined beneath the mighty walls,

in the wretched name of society.

in order to upheld family name,

shattered lies are our dreams….


we scream unheard…

beneath the worldly curtains of silence…

unable to bear

we scream…swearing why this myth

created this Sita ….

who symbolized women as patience…?

why do every one expect us to bear?

all the insults in the name of gender

and still remain silent…


why did they forget Durga?

our heart pleads for justice .

why should daughters be like sita…

why cant we react…?


I wish I could breath free,

run away into wild,

all alone pursuing my dreams,

at least let me be me.











My perfect valentine

Stars bloom in the pitch black sky,

romantic wind pester with the love cry,

but here in the couch he lies ,

snoring, my valentine….


Charming prince of mine,

can there be someone more perfect?

no great weight lifter he is,

No illustrious charmer of ladies…


but he did ensnare my heart ,

sending me nuts at his pellucid grin,

No roses ,no flowers,

No gifts,not even a wish…


Still the nonpareil lover ,world ever did perceive,

late nights, I do dwell in unconsummated office tasks,

my love do know,my hatred staying as a lonely night owl,

Silently he creeps booting up his laptop …


Just to provide me solitude of his company,

despite his tired self, and my endless tyranny,

Love without words,

the love I cherish with a smile in my heart.


His arms aren’t strongest,

but strong enough to hold me when I fall,

he is no poet,

but the love in his eyes do intone

I am there for you ,my love


No fancy cards,no glittering jewels,

no late night films,no exotic trips,

but together we sit staring at stars,

my hand in his ,and a whole life ahead..


He is no boy,he is a man I adore,

He has a heart sewn out of gold,

but only I know,the little boy who lurks

behind those childish grin…


My six feet tall boy

he is not perfect,

But there is one demeanor that makes him exceptional

that he is mine,just only mine….