Are men more talented than women?

Today, I am not giving my opinion but asking for yours. Because it has been long since this question kept throbbing my head. It’s true women do equally well, but somewhere don’t you feel men are more talented. Advertisements


The heart ,a feeble organ thumped hard, incredibly fast which echoed in my ears , anxiety hiking up every passing second.I knew things are getting totally out of  hand.I have faced adverse situations before,my resolve has always backed me but now the sand under my feet is being washed away ,I know it is shallow now perhaps there is…

Heart spells

Bounded it is ,my soul to you….unbounded is our love.


A real man is the one who has courtesy to tell good bye when he walks away from ones life

The difference between an acquaintance and a friend is skeptical and obsolete to interpret. The most direst situation is when we realize that the one we loved as friend was a fallback in our interpretation and was perhaps just an acquaintance. -anagha.m

Being a girl.

I am not a woman you channelize your ideas one can force me to do anything.I am a girl,not perhaps a lady of class.I may not know how to boil potatoes coz cooking potatoes is not my area of interest.I am a girl,you may mock at me stating I interfere in things subduing you.sorry…