Are men more talented than women?

Today, I am not giving my opinion but asking for yours. Because it has been long since this question kept throbbing my head.

It’s true women do equally well, but somewhere don’t you feel men are more talented.



The heart ,a feeble organ thumped hard, incredibly fast which echoed in my ears , anxiety hiking up every passing second.I knew things are getting totally out of  hand.I have faced adverse situations before,my resolve has always backed me but now the sand under my feet is being washed away ,I know it is shallow now perhaps there is nothing I could do to prevent myself from drowning ,but all I could do was stare with remorse or perhaps apologetically at the mishap I have invited myself.

I am scared,I knew this was not the first time,everytime I was scared ,to walk,to smile ,to breathe ,to live.I was a coward who people judged independent,well I won in that I was a con on who deceived everyone with a mask of happiness and self reliance.

I hid the damsel inside me particularly well.She was dormant but still alive.This was hard,it is killing me. The despair taking over me….

I collapsed on the piece of rock by the side of the road.I stared at my phone….I lose….I dial my dads number…I heard his voice.There was panic in his voice,he knew I was broken.

I breathed in silence….dad I am coming home.

I cut the call….

An hour later

there she stood in front of my house ,my angel,my mom…..I cried like a  toddler running into her arms.An 20 year old self reduced to two year old girl…

tears answered it all….I sat there hugging my mother.My mother ,she doesn’t like explicit expression of emotions but now she let me pour my fears out.

A feeling words cant comprehend,literature created no words to express this feeling,the mysterious healing power of this hug,these arms that cradle me,even as an adult.Those tired hands, soft face,kind eyes and the magic beneath it.

I cried to my parents…is this a problem? they asked.

No it wasn’t,when I was near them….I felt safe, happy and strong again,I felt like I can take over the world,there wasn’t confusion or chaos my heart was at peace…

The hurricane looked like a breeze with my parents by my side.The power of love is undeterminable….

Why did it take me so long to realise?

that they are my strength….

My parents are the true definition of love.

love is the strength which makes impossible possible.



written by the daughter of the best parents in the world




The difference between an acquaintance and a friend is skeptical and obsolete to interpret.

The most direst situation is

when we realize that the one we loved as friend was a fallback in our interpretation and was perhaps just an acquaintance.