Unbounded 22


After the awkward lunch, everything seemed to fall into place, if we exclude the mild headache provided by old rusted apparatus, dusty laboratory and two girls caught up on wheezing spree, the day was quite uneventful.

My bag screeched in dismay, as my stuffs were gorged in.

“For Loreal’s party. Coming, aren’t you? “Rae enquired.

“Maybe an another day” my foot traced away fast before they grasp the fact I wasn’t invited in first place.

Bus halted after tedious waiting for an hour.A lady or two nearly squeezed out of the bus. Crowded buses give me a trance but leaving this bus is not much of an option because only a bus or two pass this alley.

I reached out for my purse, just to find it missing. My dishevelled bag lay on the pavement, with me on top it searching for my purse. Must have left it in the cupboard.I dashed towards the laboratory, sighed in relief when I find my purple beauty snoring in the dusty cupboard.

The euphoria of relief didn’t last long, soon I found myself locked inside the laboratory. I squealed and shrieked for help but I can’t help but wonder if the laboratory was sound proof, nobody seemed to hear my pleas for assistance.

My hands turned numb out of tapping on the door. My mobile refused to pick on range. The laboratory gave me goosebumps ,the last time I was locked up, things really turned out worse. I squandered around, my mobile hollered above me.At last a a small streak appeared.I clutched the opportunity and called Abhi.

“I am busy Amy, some other time”his voice appeared tense.

Enraged by his attitude, but still I requested “Sorry to disturb you, I am locked up in laboratory, can you ask someone to open the door?”.

‘”Foolish girl,I’ll ask someone to let you out” he replied cutting the call short. Knowing Abhi well, this doesn’t bother me much. When it comes to work Abhi doesn’t care about anything else.

Soon I found the security personal opening the door. I thanked him and trailed off towards the bus stand. He resumed sleeping on his chair.

It was pretty dark, the alley appeared deserted, the street lights flickered. I must have called Ted, but the thought of disturbing Ted made me strike out the idea. I glanced at my watch it was half past eight.

A strange sense of fear overcame me. I felt someone following me. I increased the pace of my steps, but the footsteps behind me too quickened. I turned around, to find no one but being a cops daughter has provided me a keen sense of sight. I found a shadow masking near the tree. I knew danger was lurking behind me.

As I resumed walking, the person emerged from his hideout behind the trees and pursued behind me. Suddenly, I felt the presence behind me. I walked briskly, nearly broke into a run.Snow clad roads made running harder. The person behind me started chasing me. My legs started grumbling. He was gaining over me. I mustered up strength propelling myself forward. Howbeit tripped on a stone and fell on the road. Drunk in fear I sat immobile. My hands and legs did not adhere to my wishes.

The person behind me slowly came towards light but suddenly he retracted and sped away from me. I staggered on my feet, someone helped me up. I gawked at the person next to me. My Trainer aka Sid stood there with an expression of concern enveloping his face.He looked handsome even in the frailest light. Even in darkness I can make out his fine features.

A wave of gratitude swept over me. I wanted to thank him, to hug him, splurt out how much scared I was, but all I could manage was.”you, why are you here?”

He gave me an amused smile.” I must be asking you this, but if we start explaining each other even the last bus will leave.”

We mounted on the bus, everything appears like a dream. Perhaps a wish come true, here I am travelling in a bus with trainer by my side.


“get up Amy”

“No, five minutes more mom”

A short chortle followed “Wake up, or else the bus might leave”.

My eyes slowly drift open, eyelids heaved,lashes hugging each other.I sneer around myself , surroundings do provide me an ambience of an bus. I found myself resting on what appeared like a shoulder of a cute looking guy.

I jerk up, suddenly regaining my consciousness.I wiped his shirt with my hand when realization struck me I have drooled all over him.

“Its ok, let us get off the bus” he remarked.

Embarrassment stringed me beyond bounds. We walked back home.

“you don’t stay here,do you?”I asked with my teeth clattering owing to cold.

“Going to meet a friend”he replied

I nodded, an icy wind perched freezing me.He offered me his coat.I took it and asked”Dont men feel cold, I have always seen them giving their coats to women.”

“May be men are thick skinned”he chuckled.

We laughed and traipsed along with each other in silence.It was not an awkward silence.Silence of contentment and happiness.He was my Prince no matter if he loves me or not. Well, in my heart he is mine. The most handsome man on the earth.At times our hands touched each other.I desire to walk like this for my entire life and indeed forever I want to walk by his side.It appears picture perfect.I feel complete…..A moment to cherish for a lifetime.





unbounded 21

I walked through the stony path of my colossal house. The eerie shadows of large stony walls which once induced foreboding now gave me a strange sense of solace.

I climbed wearily into the house, the servants have left I hope.I found my wrinkled pale old granny sitting in a rocking chair near the pillar in the living . I turned around to realize how narrow minded I was not to have admired architectural significance of my house. The living consists of four large pillars engraved in stone with a high ceiling .The ceiling was decorated with ravishing paintings which looked familiar but not being a good painter I was not able to infer what it meant.

“Amy,you are back home”granny asked.

“Yes”I acquiesced averting my glare from the ceiling.

“Ted was searching for you?”she informed resuming her work.

“oh,did he return “I enquired.

“yes I did”Ted interjected walking into the living,he wore a ruffled grey Tshirt  “looks like someone has left you a parcel”

“Really,let me have a look”I insisted grabbing the parcel from him .

I ripped apart its cover to find an amazon kindle.

“Wow”I yelped examining kindle .

Ted picked a note which slipped from the parcel.

“To my dearest girl who love to read,wish you a happy birthday.”Ted read aloud

“Is today your birthday?”he interrogated.

“So it is not your gift” I asked.

“No”he denied”I nay had the merest idea today was your birthday”.

“It must be daddy’s gift”I chattered cheerfully.

“Absolutely not”he exploded with the colour draining from his face.

“They can’t sent you gifts or speak to you for now”he added with a tone which meant I can’t argue any further.

“I am tired,I have to leave.”I sniffled treading towards my room closing my door behind me.

I place Abhi’s teddy bear and kindle near to each other wondering who must have send me this.

I suddenly heard a knock at my door .I opened to find Ted standing out.

“Get in “I said.I noticed dark circles around his eyes which signifies he hasn’t slept much.

“I am sorry ,I forgot your birthday”he lamented.

I gave out an amused laugh”No worries Ted, I did forget it myself”.

He sat on my bed looking down.

“I promised your dad I will take good care of you,but I just don’t know how?”he looked at me with pleading eyes.

I sat next to him.It is ok Ted you are a wonderful friend and a brother.These words were really heart felt.

He gave me a piercing stare which shook me off my roots.He got up suddenly managed to take his wallet from his pocket and left it on my desk stating “buy something for yourself”and hastily rushed out of the room.

I glared at the purse examining its contents ,I don’t want his money but my inquisitiveness got hold of me.I found a bundle of notes, a debit card and a driving licence .I stared at little Ted ,he was adorable at 18 ,mushy hair.It was then something startled me”Today was his birthday too”.

Suddenly I saw someone’s shadow at my window ,which disappeared within a fraction of a second.I must be imagining things.

I gasped, how deprived and lonely he must have felt without a family. Enough for today,I cant take it anymore .I fell on pillow and drifted into dreamless sleep.

Next day in college was uneventful.Rae and Cally pestered me with queries when I disclosed them about my endeavour with trainer carefully excluding the fact I already know him.

“you touched his hand,how was it heavenly?”Rae asked .

“Just like anybody else”I cajoled.”you know he has an girlfriend and they are engaged.”

“yes offcourse a snorty looking girl.”Cally grunted.

Abhi’s place looks deserted.

I had to meet Mike in order to ask him repair our car.I am tired of travelling in bus.I waited outside his class with Cally and Rae who were waiting impatiently for Mike and gasping as any cute guys pass .

Someone knocked my head from behind,”what is my mango doing here?”he asked.

“Mike,It hurts”I retorted.

As we were speaking someone called out to me”Amy”

I turned around to find myself facing a gorgeous looking girl, I swivel around to see if she was calling me.

I was puzzled,” do you know me?”I inquired.

“heard a lot about you,always wanted to meet you dear”she chirped with  a cheerful note.

“can I please know who you are?” I asked.Cally bleated “She is Sid’s girlfriend”.

“Don’t call me like that I have my own identity .I am Vriksha. Not that I don’t like him but it kind of makes me feel inferior”she said smiling kindly.

“She is not snorty” I whispered.”yes, she is so goodlooking”Rae sighed.

“why don’t you girls have lunch with us?” she suggested.

“Sure”my friends agreed in chorous before I could deny.

Sid came out of the class looked at me with awe.Vriksha kissed him on the cheeks.I looked away.

She nudged me,clasping her hand with mine.However I tried I was not able to hate her.Wow,can my life be more screwed up.

I was about to sit next to vriksha whereas my friends sat on either side of Mike who was uncomfortably twitching.On one side of Sid sat Vriksha and other Anitha was about to sit .

“Anitha,why don’t you get us some water,”vriksha asked.

“Please Amy,sit next to Sid .Anitha is trying to steal him from me, I don’t trust anyone other than you please,don’t tell no.”she requested with pleading eyes.

I wanted to deny,but I cant refuse her. Within seconds I started liking her dearly.I moved towards Sid and sat next to him.

I gulped hard .I found him stiffen uneasily in his chair.Vriksha murmured a thanks smiling.I smile back weakly ,neither me nor Sid was able to eat.







Unbounded 20

My love, you aren’t mine anymore

This cant be true, It must be a daydream I suppose or perhaps just a hallucination which might have been an consequence of my vivid imagination .

Everything seems surreal more like a wish being granted, so beguiling that I can’t rely on the genuineness of the vision provided by dear own eyes, but cant deny I have terrific senses that  closely resemble a vampire in its precision but now I just can’t trust them.

Contradictory to my apprehensions here he is, my trainer, captivating as always with the same charisma and concomitance he had on me at our very first meeting as a result red boxing gloves never cease to send a shiver down my spine.

His appearance hasn’t altered any. Snowy pale skin ,perfect nose, wicked grin which could coerce any maiden lose her resolve on virginity. His six foot stature ,wide shoulder and the muscular body beneath his loose shirt, his eyes, his dreamy brown eyes how in the world I hate?I hate the effect it has on me.

I stare into his eyes to find his imploring mine, a glare of grave despair soon replaced by a twinkle.I shudder in his fixed glare but my eyes denied to look elsewhere.

My stare averts as Abhi calls out to me.

I look away ,realising that I was gawking at trainer for so long. A thousand questions implode my head ,but there was something I want to ask him above all if he could witness the same as I could ,my trainer’s presence.

but emotions and multitude of thoughts intercept my words.All that I able to do is to hiss in Abhi’s ear”who?”

he smiles”My brother Sid”.

I gave out an exasperated sigh.

“full name please ?”I plead completely filled with remorse hoping this shouldn’t be my trainer ,this should be someone who resembles him.I am just over him now ,he just can’t appear out of nowhere to break my heart now.

“Shyam Siddarth” he replied tattering my heart in strands of joy or sorrow I cant tell perhaps both.

Image result for love broken image

Trainer indeed Sid briskly walked towards me ,composed as he ever has been without a merest attempt to avert his glare from me, extended his hand “Hi, you are Abhi’s friend I hope, nice meeting you ,Can I please know your good name?”

I shrug terrified, dumbstruck reluctantly slid my hands to his sending a jolt of electricity through my veins. I can sense that magic ,the connection I haven’t felt with any other man. I desired to shout at him with my deepest frustration  but I blurted out “Amy” which was merely a whisper.

“nice name” he remarked with his pleasant good natured smile.He had the ease of a well bred gentleman whereas Abhi was good but doesn’t care about others feelings perfectly unlike me I am just an overgrown kid.

My heart bellowed in grief, he doesn’t remember me at all .I loved him for nothing, he screwed up my life and now looks at me like a stranger.I felt my world tumbling down in shreds.

I managed a plastered smile ,though misery cuddled my emotions, a pang of disappointment barricaded my heart reminding myself again I must have been just an another girl who would ever remember a plain looking girl like me and does strike out the option of love.

I pulled off my hand

“I have to leave “I said before my frustration and disdain could attack my tear glands.

Anitha circled around Sid with her gravest attempts to seduce him which he least noticed.

I walk away briskly with Abhi running behind me to keep up the pace.

I climb into Abhi’s Ferrari, even the fine features of  his exquisite car hasn’t induced a glee or a frail spike in my cheer for all that remain in my head my breath and soul was my Sid.

I turn back before we left to find Sid staring at us from far behind.

I give Abhi a false smile and an careless comment “WOW,what a lovely car”.

“Thanks” he mutters”I have better ones.”

It was enough for my Abhi for he was easily deceivable

“”how does my brother look?”he asks breaking the grave silence unaware of the turmoil beneath my eyes.

“Mmm” I answer uninterested “he looks good”.

“just good,girls go nuts behind him”he said with surprise.

“looks can be deceiving ,there can be a devil lurking behind. well Anitha finds him really attractive may be they are good together”I splurt out with pure disgust.

“No demon, I assure “Abhi said”he is an angel, perfect son a well known celebrity ,he is obviously a devil in music and boxing certainly makes me envy him .Anitha, poor girl .How can she be so insane for this whole world knows my brother is already engaged with his childhood sweetheart. I think by next spring they will be married.

“what?”I ask my heart sunk into depths of misery.Trying hard not to break down I ask”Isnt he young?”hoping he would tell me it was just a joke

“yes he will be only 21 next spring, but cant wait anymore because with this marriage our family will be one of the richest in the country.It is more like a business.She is the heir of a large fortune.”he laughed.

“Does he love her?”I asked with growing disappointment clearly understanding I don’t stand a chance with her,she can give him everything ,all I could give him is a burden called me.My daddy’s disgust and a dangerous life.

I envy the girl though I don’t know who she is.

“obviously,they are so much into each other”he grinned.

“good”I said gloomily. The impact these words had on me was colossal .I made up mind to forget him why does my heart rip apart when I hear about his engagement.

I look at through the window, the skies dampen, clouds heavy so is my heart.


Image result for sad girl looking at cloudy sky



Unbounded 19

The cold winter breeze woke me up. I leered around , my bedspread muffled ,the books I read last night lay half opened half closed and obviously twitching between states heeding to the adjure of the wind. I am perhaps a pure mess .The grandfather clock led out its annoying shrieks which when I unknowingly counted, to my greatest misfortune turned out to be seven.

“I am late” A sudden realization whopped me.

I rushed out my house exactly fifteen minutes later swearing under my breath at the driver who had again taken a day off. As a matter of fact he takes almost every day off but granny never delays in paying him. I jog my way to the bus stand, tired I glanced at my phone just to find to my greatest dismay today was my birthday and nobody seemed to remember. It is not that prior years my friends pestered me  with wishes, none of my friends had ever remembered my birthday but it is the maiden my mommy and daddy forgot my birthday.

Well this did really send a seizure of grief, however by now I am used to their lack of concern .It has been several months since mom and dad spoke to me. I miss really them a lot or perhaps every second.

Image result for  girl waiting for bus

The bus arrived, I clamped on to the bus clutching on the iron reel  for my dear life. The stupid old bus did somersaults on the road across potholes making me totally nauseous. At last I managed to find myself a place to sit. The lady next to me was loudly flirting with someone I can’t really help eavesdropping nor hold back my giggles.

“Flirting” the very word reminds me of my two new female friends in college. Rae and Cally. Both are behind Mike and I did promise to introduce them to my dear good innocent Mike. I must agree they are marching on a dangerous endeavour with their affection towards Mike. Mike detests girls on whole luckily I am an exception or may be just as Abhimanyu remarks I have very meagre traits of a girl.

I mounted down the bus and rushed to college but to my greatest surprise I find myself facing a huge crowd waiting with anticipation and excitement. I wondered loudly what is so special today .Cally ran to me with an expression of mixed smirk and excitement “Didn’t Abhimanyu tell you?”

“what?”,I asked.

“nothing,My brother Sid is coming” he said trying to muffle a laughter.

“Is your brother a movie star or celebrity ,he seem to have enormous amount of fans”I cried the excitement was catching hold me too.

“he is quite a celebrity, a singer, a pianist and a sportsperson” he chortled

“are you jealous” I smirked.

“To be frank I am”he admitted.

My friend Cally gleamed at him with deepest admiration .

“Abhimanyu is really so sweet”she cried.

“Oh dear Cally, only if I had met you before my girl friend ,I still would not have laid my eyes upon you”he smirked.

Cally marched away sadly stating “see you soon” .

“Don’t be so cruel Abi, you hurt her” I cried .

“I did the right thing I didn’t give her expectation ,making her understand she doesn’t have a chance is better ”he said as his phone rang.

“cruel boy” I shouted…expectation hurts he is right.

“I have a bad news ”he declared to the crowd “my brother is not coming today a little change in plans”.

Dismay clouded the faces. Everyone dispersed.

“I wanted to see your brother do you have a picture?”I asked.

“he will come in a day or so?”he said as his phone rang again.he smiled at his phone.

“Is it your girlfriend?”I asked . “why is that if one in a relationship he should only speak to his girl.It is a call from studio”.

I sat down at the bench under the chestnut tree whisking away the snow with my foot. Cally and Rae came and sat next to me, they had plans, they lured me dragging me off to cafeteria.

 Image result for a girl in snow

Evening, I was a bit murk, you cant help being gloomy when your own parents forgot your birthday. I was waiting for world’s busiest man Abhimanyu because he promised to drive me to bus stand .The college now thinks we are a couple but close friends know we are just friends and how I crave to see Abhi’s girlfriend.

In Abi’s opinion with me around he can ward away annoying girls. So,I am more like a straw man in paddy field. But I can never deny Abi is a remarkable friend.

It would have been rather pleasant to wait it wasn’t snowing this hard. The snow glistened, I am half covered with heaps of snow. I love this climate. I stared at the snowing sky asking god where is my birthday gift from you.

Suddenly a faint music resonated in my ears bringing me back to my senses. My soul vibrated with the chords, the strange connection, my heart thumped hard. For the first time in my life I loved music. The music which was always disturbing today seemed divine.

 My eyes moistened, my body was responding to the music .It was strange and heavenly the tune slowly deepened in my senses such that everything  around me turned invisible. The pain of my heart intertwined with the music here I sat enchanted.

I was weeping, before I knew what happened I set out in search of the place where the music erupted .I followed the trail of music like a bee bewitched by it aura. The feelings of my heart churning in, dispelling into the symphony. The music stirred the realm of my soul rendering me dumbstruck .Like a kid running towards its mother, I was enticed by the strange familiarity.

I was stirred back to my senses by the haughty conceited girl of senior year. She was shouting at me that I stomped on her.Well, I wasn’t bothered, she was scolding me but nothing can divert me from finding the source of music.

“Sorry” I muttered whereas she was not ready to leave me alone.

“She told sorry Anitha, leave her alone” Abi’s voiced reverberated through the staircase.

She moved away arguing. I gratefully asked him with my eyes filled with awe “Did you play the music ?”

“no my brother did,just for an ambience. Happy birthday Amy my dearest friend.”he shouted gleefully extending the largest bouquet of roses I have ever witnessed in my life.

Image result for bouquet of red roses

“Thanks”I cried with happiness.

Above the flowers,my eyes treaded on the person before me.

My heart skipped a beat.

Shyam,my trainer.

There he stood in skin and flesh my trainer.

 ps.please do tell if there is any mistakes it has been really long since I wrote something.



1 year with WordPress.


I saw this notification today.

I think logging into wordpress was my best decision ever.

It proved even I can write,but I am more thankful to my blogging family.

I have got brothers ,both elder Nitin and younger Mahesh .I got loving sisters.I got my singer sister Pratz,my best friends Viral ,Antara,Saketh ,arti ,shreya,kishan,shyam ,bhaumik , aanchal and darshith……and now karthika…..list goes on.

I must thank akila ,randyjw ,jeni and myheartbeats4ublog ( sorry I dont know your name) for thier constant support.

I thank everyone who read and commented,I also thank you dear friends who gave me likes without even reading the context.

I may not be a great blogger but I am a happy blogger.

I may have not be always active ,I make a lot of mistakes ,my stories at times may have failed to entertain you,but still it helped me learn…I hope I am improving.

Thank  you for support ,patience and love.Sorry if I left out some names blame my poor memory juggling with gate and exam preparations.

With love


Unbounded 18

The sunlight crept in through the teeny breach amidst the drawn out curtains which seemed to disturb my weary slumber. The long not so fancy expensive curtains did try to provide a notion of darkness though the tiny rays succeeded in its attempt to wake me up .I lay on my back pertaining to thought.

I cuddle pressing my knees on my stomach as my tired limbs ache like hell.I can hear rain splashing against my window trying its very best to subside my anxiety. I push open the windows allowing cold humid air to gush through my clothes, making me feel unclothed. Nature seems to unnerve me,I leer out of the window observing the exquisite alluring beauty of large old green trees with moss sheathed bark. The little birds perching and chirping on the branches ,it revels in its own shrimp world.I can’t deny  the fact I started to derive pleasure from the surroundings.Image result for lonely girl in winter

Ted was tending the cut ,I thought of grabbing this opportunity to vent out my queries.I cleared my throat ” Who do you think attacked me yesterday ?”

“May be someone who wants to hush your dad up”he answered without taking his eyes off my wound.

“Who might it be ?”I asked luring him to answer .”you seemed to expect them,I found you vigilant even before they attacked me”.

“Nothing you should comprehend about”he replied with tiny lines of annoyance visible on his fair brow.

“They tried to attack me,why is that I shouldn’t know who it is”I retorted raging with fury .

“Leave me alone girl”he roared cutting me short.

He never shouts at me.I pulled my hand from his grasp and stormed out before he could realize that I am startled.

If Ted cares about me he will follow me,I thought , turning around to find Ted hastening behind me, wrapping his jacket around him.

I just cant help grinning to myself at the lame satisfaction.

If Ted doesn’t answer, I must find someone who can.The mysterious guy,he must know.I know Ted is hiding things from me but it is not cinch to drive information out of hard core cops like dad and Ted.

“Amy ,I am sorry let us go inside .It is not safe here.”Ted pleaded.

“Unless you provide me with answers you cant expect me inside”I bellowed walking away.

“That gives me no other option other than to follow you”he said.

“Still you are not gonna answer my questions”I cried hitting him hard on his biceps.

He smiled walking beside me.It wasn’t long before we were stalked by an old couple who pestered us with questions about our whereabouts and was continually ranting about their stodgy history.I can assume from their conversation that they considered Ted as a suitor for their daughter.Ted’s good looks and good nature can bewitch anyone.

I slipped  fast abandoning Ted to the bragging of the boring old couple.I stroll through the deserted lane.The creepers awning the fences proffering me with pulchritudinous feeling .This place is indeed in contrast to the city in which  I was nested. Human habitation is really fragile providing it aura of prepossessing charm.Finally I saw a house ,I ambled towards it to find a mortal being at last.He was slouching towards the jeep engine .I recognized him,I recognized those strong hands that gripped me last night ,the guy who saved me(My knight in a shining armor).The mysterious guy who ventured into peril to save me.

Exhilaration canopied my heart.I fell short of words at an inexpressible happiness “hi….err…Excuse me,Can I please have a word?”

He looked away stating “get lost you stupid ,I don’t have anything to do with you”.

I was taken aback.I walked away without turning back.I wish no one saw me being grounded.”What an insolent rude attitude?”I cursed under my breath,perhaps I deserve it,I am an absurd fool who took an unwary step to get answers from a stranger.Thank god this place has feeble human habitation ,which turns out to be a blessing in disguise,but still wondering what I did  to displease him.

I felt a pang in my heart,the rude words seems to reverberate in my head,engraving my fury ,rage and dejection to its hike.I just want to run back to Ted,everyone kind of started hating me for past few days,I don’t need any knight in a shining armor .

I am good on my own.I turn around I was startled to find myself facing the mysterious guy.I can feel my breast nearly brushing him,his hot breath sending shivers down my spine,his chest was bare which was a feature I left to notice when I saw him a minute before.A sweat or two outlined his well built six pack.

The distance between us was dangerously deficient.My heart skipped a beat.I looked into those watery eyes fervently shaking head to foot,his alluring charm, brown untamed hair,those seducing eyes…The intimacy felt good,he was shirtless and hot.

I pushed myself apart though it was hard .I tried to look elsewhere as I realized I was staring at him all along,but he stared at me upright sending goose bumps down my throat.It was getting uncomfortable.

He shook his head diverting his stare may be it has got into his head he was making me feel uncomfortable,too late I am already suffocating in his stare.

“I am sorry ,I mistook you for someone else”he apologized with an expression totally unreadable.

how can he be rude to someone without even looking at their face.. I thought.

“It was an miscue ,I..hope this can cheer you up”he said handing me a mango.

I looked at him earnestly,”I know you ,you were the one who plucked mango from the yard behind the cafe.”I said snatching mango from him”You looked different then,may because you were dressed up,not like..”I glanced at his bare chest averting my glance fast.

he chuckled..”we study in same college,how is your hand,is it okay”he asked with concern sweeping over his face.

“I am okay,How did you know I was in peril ?,Why did you help me?”I blurted unable to hold my tongue back anymore.

“You ask too many questions”he said nodding,as his eyes nervously glancing at the pastures. A typical attitude when someone wants to hide something,dad taught me when I was little.

“Answer me”I said stern.

“Somethings are better unsaid”he said cautiously,”I can only tell you are in more danger than you would ever decipher to be,It is complicated.I am not sure how you got involved”speaking later lines to himself thoughtfully.

“My dad is a cop”I said expecting if I can root something out.

“That doesn’t explain anything,It is dangerous,your life is in peril”he repeated.

“Amy please be safe “he said earnestly.

I cursed under my breath…

“What did you say?”he asked.

“nothing,see you in college then”I said running away averting the awkward situation,he was hot but I am not ready to fall for any guy again in my life.I have already learnt my lesson,I have put a full stop to all this nonsense after trainer and how insane I am too stare at a guy like this,god please forgive me.he saved me I owe him a debt.His words stirred me someone wants me dead both Ted and he knows who it is,if it is not related to dad who wants me dead.I haven’t did anything wrong.I leap back waving shouting out a thanks still confused.

He stood there gawking at the girl who seemed to allure him more than any other being in the world,her tiny head,those large eyes,her curves visible beneath her loose tees.Her little body that eased beneath her careless clothes,her makeup free skin etched an everlasting impact on him.She was a naughty kid,with untamed curls and ephemeral smile,her grit and guts was something remarkable he witnessed yesterday,she didn’t falter when people attacked her,something rare,she didn’t collapse or cry .She was more stronger than any girl he ever saw.she for sure didn’t need a man,but he somewhere deep felt he needed her.Something in that eyes beneath those dainty lashes,indeed enticed him,he was falling in love for the very first time in life with a girl whose life he knows is at stake.

unbounded 17

Image result for lonely girl in a forestThe cold metal was pressed against my hip.My brain warned me that the armed person behind me is not here momentarily with good intentions.About 18 years of being a cop’s daughter I am not new to such scenarios but held at gun point all alone,this is maiden for sure.

“move”the person beside me instructed .My hands lay bare jerking furiously.I stood there transfixed,as my nerves instantaneously malfunctioned turning out numb

the armed person pressed the gun on to me further ,jerking away my wayward thoughts which led me into a fit of abrupt stillness.I gasped.

“move I said”the voice sounded more stern and urgent.

I gulped hard obeying him because I ran out of option,as my intuition cautioned me that the person wouldn’t think twice to shoot me dead.

Trembling like a leaf I followed his instructions walking out of the house ,my leg heaved more than voluminous heap of rocks.

The darkness blinded me sending creeps down my abdomen.The rain slashed against my face as torrents,muffling up the noise of footsteps,even a shriek or cry might not help Ted or granny differentiate my voice from the ramblings of the rain.I cursed rain for the first time in my life.

My eyes crept on for a frailest way to escape,every plan ended up on to the same conclusion of me getting shot.I can see two more people and a car waiting for us.holy_ I know I am doomed.Only if someone kicked the gun away I prayed.

Splush ,the gun lay stashed at the gravel ,rest of the things happened within a fraction of a second.

When I looked up I am safe in the arms of an handsome well built guy.Pinned against his chest as the rain fluttered down I can feel his hot breath ,sending sparks.His wet clothes caressing mine,clothes stuck to his drenched in rain.I stared into those large black eyes.”stupid”I scolded myself regaining my consciousness.
I pulled myself apart from him,though it was hard refraining myself from such a hot shot ,suddenly someone brandished a knife tearing the flesh on my right arm,my blood dropped down with rain clearly visible even in the glistening moonlight.I can witness the anger outlining the peaceful eyes that looked at me.he threw himself at the person with the knife.An other person came running out of nowhere with drawn out knife aimed at the handsome guy.I kicked at his abdomen making him collapse.
“Thanks” the guy mumbled withering the mud from his shirt.
“Did they go” I asked.
” I hope so” he answered.
“Are you OK?”he asked examining my hand,his touch swarmed up a bunch of butterflies in my stomach.
“Yep”I answered.
The lights in my house turned on
“You must go” he said.
“Why don’t you come with me?”I asked.
“Don’t let it out that I helped you”he said kissing me forehead “be safe ” he whispered before vanishing into darkness.
Ted came out running with granny struggling to keep up with his pace.I stood there gawking at the way the mysterious guy went perhaps my knight in a shining Armour.
Ted looked concerned”Are you alright ?” He asked.
I answered “yes” walking inside.
He checked the woods stating that there is no one around.
He hugged me saying”I am sorry” startling me,he usually never explicitly expresses his emotions.
He sat there tending to my wound as I explained granny and Ted everything about endeavor carefully omitting the portions that involved the boy.it sucks to take credit for others toil.
Ted shot me an unbelievable look ,but didn’t pursue further.Granny’s eyes filled with tears I knew she was proud of me.
I sneaked into my room stretching myself on the bed after a hot shower,the events raced back infiltrating my memory.
The guy who saved me,I wish he was my trainer but he wasnt.The boy had fine features but he wasn’t my trainer for sure.

the rain splattered on my window ,I stare on to the extending darkness asking questions,who is he?why did he save me?How did he know I was in trouble?I laughed at myself stating he was super hot,his memory made my stomach curl.
I encountered a strange deja vu feeling that I have come across him before.
I closed my eyes with a pang of guilt”I did not even thank him”it was then reality dawned on me I didn’t even ask him his name…”ouch”my hand stings in pain.

lost touch with the story ,or missed few parts

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Unbounded 16

I stare at the ceiling wondering at the pathetic turn of events ,everything was normal until that fatal day I strolled into the crime site.My head moaned in pain,inflicted by continuous fatal intriguing thoughts that kept resonating.My heart indignantly yelled with slithering pain.I am a perfect dunce who fell in love with Mr prince charming,who never bothered to bestow me the merest satisfaction of an acknowledgement ,when he left,or perhaps ignored to gratify my ego by a mere wave of hand called good bye.



Image result for love snowIt must be spring now ,but it is too cold for spring,the air rustled the leaves as it descended down fluttering carelessly settling on my shoulder .I stared at the deserted park the winter prevailed ,the snow outlining branches of the trees as the nature glistens in the canopy of snow. The intricate patterns of ice form on the strands of my hair which I slowly whisk away  resuming my daydreams of my Amy.

I loiter through the shoveled path in the park but snow has already made a thin layer which etched my footsteps but soon vanished as it snowed harder.but I wish her footsteps were accompanying mine.

I can see her approaching me.She still looks like a tiny girl from school with those little freckles which appeared when she smile.she glanced at me with those large  black eyes,which hid beneath those long dainty lashes.Her flawless skin which resembled the softest flower.Her lips the palest of pink which shone through the white contrast of winter.I smiled at her as she moved towards me ,the little fringes of her hair that swayed with the wind reminded me of daffodils.I know it is an imbecile comparison but she is my flower,my treasure.

she looked at me”why did you call me?”

I felt gormless for now I realized I was staring at her all along .I loved and respected her not just for her looks but for the person she is.

“Can we sit and speak?”I asked.

“surely “she replied.

we sat on a empty seat I look down unable to face her.I didnt know how to start.

I wished to inch closer to her but my courage failed.

I glanced at her she was radiating ,for there has always been a aura of beauty around her.

It was most obsolete movement of my life.

“Amy,I know this is not gonna be easy,I know I have been absurd all along,I must have accepted it far back that I loved you,but Amy now I am asking you something I have craved to ask you all my life,Do you still love me?,will you be my life,will you be my wife?”

silence prevailed…Image result for snow love

she didnt face me she looked down.I felt a pang in my heart is she gonna spurn me?I confronted an colossal effect of anticipation gnawing me.

but I continued….

“Amy,I loved you every second of my life,my life well its all yours now .I ruined myself striving to keep a distance from you.love,I loved you every breath of my life since the day our eyes met,Amy ,my love today I am pleading you to be my queen,to be my mistress,I swear I will be by you forever ,please Amy tell me what you feel,either it is positive or negative”.

I can feel my heart rip apart when I uttered the word negative because my heart urged for her love….Image result for love snow

she remained silent two drops of tears glided down her large eyes tripping on the snow.

I waited for an hour .I slowly croaked,for I lost my voice in grief.I didnt wish to cry not at least in front of her but I cant hold back my tears any further.

I knew the answer was negative.

“Amy,I am sorry ,I have hurt you ,I have always been the reason of your tears,may be I am not the perfect guy for you”

I walked away with a heaving heart.I still love her and forever will.

“hey”she called out with tears outlining her eyes.

“how dare you leave me? ,I waited seven years just to hear these words and now your walking away so leisurely”she bellowed.

next second she was on me.yeah even I expected a kiss but instead she hit me hard giving me a black eye.

“so what is your answer”I asked smiling.

“positive”she said……

my heart jumped in glee.

“but”she said.

my heart stopped

she whispered in my ear “I love you,you may be imperfect,but your imperfections makes you perfect for me”.

“will our wedding bells ring”I asked…

“I wish “she replied