Mother’s Day wishes

download (2)I think this post is being penned towards the end of the day when all people out there are done wishing their mommies. I love my mommy like almost every one of you do. My mommy is the best I would tell, just like every daughter loved dearly by her parents do.

My mom….

She is an embodiment of love though she has quite a temper and yells at poor me, not to mention I am not a ideal daughter. My mom facial expressions tune the actions of us, three daughters. Parenting is not easy and now I feel how successful she was from the fathomless attachment I feel when I board on the bus to my work place. My mom is the strongest person I have come across. She from a family where she has 4 elder brothers and two elder sisters who completely drifted apart after her parents death. Well, I must mention having such a big family ain’t matters. Just one loving sibling would do.

Mom, I have seen her tears and laughter alike. I hate to see my mom cry.

Just a single day she is sick, house turns a mess. She tells me I don’t want this, it’s okay. I can manage. Though she is in desperate need of it. I don’t know I can ever hide something from mom. My mom is not my friend. She can never be like a friend because friend cant be even  of 1/4 th of importance my mom is to me.

People ask me why do you tell everything to your mom she might be worried. I tell them my mom taught me to share whatever it is good or bad. Let it be happiness we bask in its mirth together. Let it be sadness we worry together. She was my strength inspite all the difficult times we went was never easy.

Mommy smiles with her chocolate brown eyes. She is the greatest beauty the world ever set its eyes on. We don’t always tell each other how much we love perhaps true love shan’t be expressed in words.

My mom, when I hug you I feel……what words can’t suffice to tell.

I know you work around the clock. I am too lazy to help you. I am sorry if I ever made you sad. I am sorry. I am so proud of you.

There are few people who boast they order thier mom around. They tell they make her do what they want.There was a person who told me as it was a credit that they would make their mom cry.

You can’t order around my mom. She is brilliant and wonderful. She is strong and resourceful. If I ever fight with my mom there would be a yelling game proceeded by tears. Then perhaps the feeling is mutual, we reconcile within seconds. I am not a bad daughter after all. She taught me put my family first.

Mom, you are so wonderful. Being your daughter is an honour. I may not be all you want me to be. But you are all I can ever ask for. You are the best and not even once ,or never will I think you less. You are the most irreplaceable gift god has bestowed upon me. You are my love mommy. I love you.

Mom wish u the best mothers day-perhaps you are indeed an angel in the shape of my mom.

My wishes to all the strong angels out there… all the moms…..happy mothers day


My boyfriend checklist.

images (25).jpegAlmost every girl has expectations on her boyfriend. Well I never had any so today I pen things which I think my boyfriend should possess  . Perhaps his looks.

Hair-untidy black, messy growing all over the place.

Eyes-bright green must make everyone tell you have your mother’s eyes.

Height-no bar.

Character-brave gryffindor.

Additional qualities -must have least regard for rules. Must be there always to save the day.

Academic excellence -must be exceptionally good at defence against dark arts.

Qualifications :A Hogwarts degree, must be qualified to be an auror.

Rare qualities: unflinching in face of danger.Must be ready to sacrifice his life for friends(only if they are true like Ron and Hermione) or else you would have to bear dire consequences .

Extra curricular :Must be a good quiddich player.Youngest seeker in the history of Hogwarts.

Language credentials -parseltongue, English…you can learn mermish, troll or anything you like, coz you adored Dumbledore .

Patronous- stag.q

Boggart-i don’t mind your biggest being a dementor, I am ready to accept you with your flaws.

Identity marks- lightning bolt shaped scar on the forehead.

Ps: I know a lot of girls would try to use love potion on you so be careful. And don’t forget I am good at jinxing and I don’t mind using crucio even on you if you ever think of cheating.

Did I end up describing Harry Potter again…….potterheads never change.







A selfish woman’s day wish

My post and picture doesn’t adhere much anyways

I would like to wish happiness and joy to all the women in the world ….

Stop. …stop. ..stop not all the woman.

I would like to extend my warm hearted wishes to the wonderful women out there but let me get this straight…. But not to everyone.

If you were good and nice to me please omit the below section….

Certain bitches… No wishes for you… Let your life rot, hope you go to hell…. And let this year be so worse that you should think every second why am I born as a girl. ….

You filthy scum bags, you are the reason why world generalise woman as manipulative and egoistic. Just because certain women treats guys like shit and throws them like scrap away and puts on a whole lot of drama.

Speaking of drama, I love theatre but not these tantrums thrown out by these scrawny bitches. I wish a hell of women’s Day for the woman who made my life pretty bad.

My ex roomie… First place because  its like stack, last in first out. I hate you filthy egoistic thrash. Seriously you b-hexa i did you nothing wrong. But you treated me like shit. I have an unflinching desire to immerse a heeled shoe on your face.

The set of girls who made my life nothing worse than living hell. I actually don’t remember your name because I did delete you from my brain but the scars remain…. So if a dung ball fall on your head don’t panic. It will be I who planted it over your head.

My dearest pinnochio nosed aunts

I know I am ugly, I don’t want you to compare my looks with my perfect cousins .All those perfect girls with perfect curves. I prefer brains to beauty and I am happy as I am. I don’t want you to lament on my looks anymore. Go to hell you edgy gossipheads.

There are lot of women. Who made me feel nothing greater than shit.Made me endure a series of depression.This did make me strong and independent. Well wish the above mentioned people a worse life filled with sorrows and misfortune actually never bothered me.I respect them for that.

My heart felt wishes for woman out there

Who made me smile, who taught me to strive, who kindled the fire in my heart.

My wishes to the woman who dreams

Not for those who belittles her dream because she is a woman.

My wishes for the woman who strive for a change, for the one who is a change.

For one who gives her food to her hungry kid cheating her stomach.

One who strives all day and night

One who works in office by day and home by night.

One who is lost behind  the kitchen smoke dwells in its shadows

For all the single mothers out there.

For all the moms who speak to dads on behalf of their kids.

For every girl who spreads her smile.

For every girl who walks out of her house with a stranger her parents chose.

For every woman writer who pens the strength

For every woman who have accomplished ,and for every woman who tried to be accomplished.

For everyone woman who has the grit to try what people tell is beyond her reach

To my mom my strength, my sisters(arent woman yet-just children….future woman) above all my granny who is up there in heaven smiling over my follies.

To all the women out here in WordPress . If you are in WordPress if you are reading my work… You can’t be bad. I will always love you.

As far as I know almost all the women I know in WordPress are big sweethearts at times too strong willed and indeed too kind hearted and supportive .

I wish you all the happiness and a hearty woman’s day wishes.

Ps:i am a bit rude, this is who I am…bear with me….

Loads of love

Anagha M

The Christmas

images (2)The winter snow nuzzled my skin. The icy wind oogled at my ears as snow flakes settled on my coat. I whisk it away entering a colourful shop. I never do get the feeling it is Christmas until I stumble into toy or gift shops, jingle bells tickled in glee announcing my arrival . The toy trains whistled gushing through the tiny caves and leaping through the miniature bridges. I found kids fidgeting with their parents for gifts. A finely dressed lady walked next to me and enquired “what are you looking for madam? “.

I averted my eyes from a furry teddy bear which I was admiring. I smiled at her”nothing for now” I said”I am here to meet Mark”.

“I guess you are on the wrong time. I think he is kind of busy now”she said.

“I am in no hurry…. Mm”…Linda I said reading her name tag. “I think you must pay attention to your other customers, Mark can be bad ass at times ”

She nodded giving me a kind smile and moved on to other family buying gifts. I loved the clatter of kids and merriness of Christmas inspite of the fact I don’t have anyone back at home waiting for me.

My brother is with his family in Seattle. I have already send gifts for him, his lovely wife and my adorable niece. I don’t have any boyfriends as a matter of fact I broke up with the third boyfriend my brother arranged for me,he broke up with me stating I am so stone hearted.  And no presents today, as my darling brother prefer to send me money rather than gifts, my brother is absolutely adorable and utterly stupid. I always wished for a gift.

I traced my finger on a tiny fluffy bunny. Suddenly I saw someone else staring at the same bunny. I bent down at the little figure a tiny boy of ten, “you want this?” I asked .

He nodded”how much does it cost? “.

“Do I look like a sales lady? “I asked offended.

“Sorry” he replied..

“I was just messing with you little one “I said placing the toy on his hand.

I let out a small laugh…

“you look beautiful when you smile “he replied examining the toy. I sat on a chair next to him. This serious looking little one really amuses me.

A dejected expression crossed his brow. He left the toy and moved towards the exit. “You left it here,you seemed to love it” I said.

“it was for my sister, thanks for your concern “he said moving out.

“hey” I called.

“I’ll get you it”I said.

“really, I’ll pay you back”he said.

“never mind”I said handing over the toy to him. It didn’t actually cost much,but that little boy reminded me of my brother. I felt good.

“looks like someone learnt the joy of giving “Mark remarked strottling out to the shop. Mark is an old man in his late sixties .I sat by his side.”It is always a pleasure to see you Anne. “he said.

We sat in silence, he is more like the only friend I have here. “Mark, I feel lonely “I said at last.

“you are such a wonderful child,the world is filled with wonderful people, may be Christ is waiting at your doorstep”he said. “I must go my grandkids might be waiting for me,merry Christmas Anne”

I sat at an lonely bench in the park. It was filled with Christmas cheer, but slowly the noise died down. I walked up to my house unbolted the closed door. It was twelve at night. I woke up at the rattling noise at my living. Fear engripped me, I took a large vase and moved to the living switching on the light. I brandished my vase startled nearly dropping it.

There near my Christmas tree stood a 2 foot long creature. I gripped the vase hard slowly moved towards the creature. It looked like Dobby in Harry Potter. Dobby i shrieked.

The tiny creature screamed hiding behind me “who is Dobby? ”

I looked at him confounded, “I am johnny”he said extending his tiny hand.”i am not meant to show myself, make sure you don’t tell Santa”.

I took his bony hand and stared at him dumbstruck.

“please stop staring at me miss”he said” I am not that weird to look at”

Weird is an understatement when it comes to the creature which stood in front of me. Bony figure with a green sweater and white fur. Large pointed ears protruding through tiny holes in his cap.



Two years with WordPress, you gotta be kidding

Two years with WordPress. I never realised until a minute ago I have completed two years with WordPress. It taught me to write, well perhaps made me believe  people don’t puke reading my work. I never had a mere idea I could pen poems until I ventured in here.

Thanks my dear friends for reading my little attempts to write and thank you for always being there and encouraging me at every tiny step I take.Thankyou for accepting me as I vent my feelings out at times. Thanks for your constant support and love

Love you loads my dearest WordPress family.

With love

anagha murali

The wish on a Halloween, did it go bad?

images (1).jpgI strolled near the groove.Nearly cursing everything my eyes graciously set foot on. Had a foul day? Perhaps worse. My boyfriend broke up with me to hook up with my friend.I don’t feel any sensible nor felt like grieving myself and lamenting. A cold sense of revenge barricaded my other feelings.The frustration that now transfigured into some sort of wrath overwhelmed me.

The whole town was decorated in Halloween cheer but me I felt pathetic .i have always loved Halloween more than Christmas but now everything has gone haywire. My life is screwed I now kind of hate Halloween

A lovely lady in her late twenties  walked near me.She moreover appeared like being transplanted from 19th century novel. Those blonde curls,that perfect eyes never would you have set your eyes on such an alluring charm before. She had a regal look around her but something in her aura gave me a scare.  She gave me a toothy grin.I smiled back more like a reflex action as my years of socialising this is one quality I got in a jiffy.

She now moved towards as me her long fingers brushed the strands of my hair. Emilia,you like me don’t you.

Yes, I nodded. Perhaps analogous to a kitten purring over the mistress. Her superiority of perfect commandness,the canopy of authority made me flinch. Don’t be scared dear, pretty hard emotions at a Halloween night. Suddenly my eyes teared up. She stared at me intently with her eyes imploring. “it is pretty hard dear, you must have your revenge”

I nodded with tears splurting out ,my boyfriend dumped me I blurted. I know she consoled. Time to have some fun right….. Some revenge.

Come with me,she took my hands on hers,a piercing sensation of fear mixed with thrill entralled me. I turn around to find myself in my boyfriends flat. I know she must be with him.I can hear their voices,but with the lady nearby I felt invincible.

There they lay on bed fast asleep when I strolled around in middle of the night unable to sleep like a lunatic.” I want her to feel the pain I felt” I cried.

She handed me a knife and said “Stab her she will know the pain but even a drop of blood will not fall off her body. I nearly hugged the lady in happiness. She can hear your words but cannot see you,make sure you don’t give her a clue who you are.If you do the things will be complicated .

I went towards the girl who betrayed me and stole my boyfriend. I sank the blade through her skin she shrieked and cried in pain but my boyfriend still didn’t seem to notice. He was fast asleep. I sank it further cutting her flesh she cried, I laughed in mirth. So did the lady next to me. Every cut I declared her “you cheat”,”you must die”.

The lady replied “yes she must die”.We laughed as blade cut through her flesh and she wriggled in pain. I declared “how dare you steal him from me”

“laura”she cried… I was startled so was the lady. “I told you not to”said the lady. She took an other blade and placing it on my hand told me rip her throat.

No I cried, I can’t, I cant

I can’t kill anyone. She would die.i cried

She betrayed you Laura. The lady advocated

No I can’t my lady I answered.

“You must” this was an order

When I refused I felt a strange pain in my stomach.

Laura please rip off her throat before you hurt yourself.

I still denied.

Her eyes grew red…. Kill her Laura

I denied I can’t you can’t make me do it.

I ran away, the farer I went the lady stood in front of me.I ran until my legs could no longer adhere…. The streets looked dark and empty. I dashed away aimlessly. I hid like a kid behind a trash can. What am I doing?? I cried.

Why did I believe a stranger.who is she a lunatic or a serial killer.

I am neither, you summoned me Laura my dear. Now let me help you

She dragged me placing the knife in my hand and ripping the throat of my ex-friend, the sharp knife made a small cut in my hand in the process.

I can see the blood gushing through the cut on her throat her blood drenched me. My hands wet in blood…. I felt impure, stained and guilty.i cried and cried ….what did I do

What did I do I sobbed into my bloody hands.

You did the right thing she said kissing me on forehead.

I woke up with a start, sweating furiously. It was all a nightmare I consoled myself. I sighed in relief .The fact it was all a dream I was not a murderer made me tranquil.

But suddenly my phone rang.

Rina was on line”laura ,teenu ripped her throat and killed herself. ”

“what”i cried.

Several minutes later.I didn’t kill her. I was fast asleep. I can’t be doing it.I look at my entry in flat it was by eight but teenu ripped her throat by 1 a.m.

So I am no suspect. But as I wash my hand I find a small cut on my hand similar to one made yesterday by knife. It left me dumbstruck perhaps startled


Later that day

In office.

“hiiii laura”said someone

I turn around.

There smiles the lady.

“happy Halloween 🎃 ”




A different type of love


I am gonna tell you a different love story

It was a lovely winter dawn ,the dew drops glistened on the sharp blades of the moss sheathed barks.The Winny stared at the misty way which extended before him.He was not able to sleep for a forthnight, his love seems to drift apart from him ,his eyes  brimmed with tears at the mere resonance of their time together.

‘I cant let you go’, he said walking through the misty road,his heart raced,he knew that they are never gonna get along,he doesn’t deserve her.she wasn’t meant for a mediocore guy like him.He is never gonna give her the recognition she requires, but he loves her, his love is untainted as the eternal bliss.

They first met in an auction where she won over his heart,her voice enraptured him at the first fast they were acquiainted remained a miraculous feat.All those nights they spend together in the attic,he would hear to her bewitching voice..he would caress her elegant vocal chords.She was a beauty,even her choke instills an warying pleasure..all those silent hours.

Her silence enciphered him,making him a puppet to her spell.She was his life,his breath….now he suffocates. The world around apparates when he envision  her flawless features.She was all he wanted.Tears dripped down his cheeks,coldness of wind didn’t bother him as pain of the heart surpasses every  physical trauma.

His legs felt stoned,he found her elegant and composed as she always is,cant she feel the pain I feel? the desolation.He treaded towards her resting his hands on her,she remained resolute as she always is .A man pulled her away from him,”one last time let me be with her “he cried .

“Just few minutes “he pleaded…The man warned “just few minutes”.

He sat next to her his breath was erratic he knew he needed her,but he cant afford her.He closed his inhaling a deep breath ,his shivering fingers stroked her.She relented and sounded exactly the same in the musical charishma.The music of our duo erupted awakening the dormant spirits making everyone to pause for a second or so….
The room broke into applause but they pulled her apart from him…He clinged to his pianoforte .she was the love of her life….but they pulled her apart detaching him from her…

She is all he had,she taught me music ,she was his love ,his passion.

My music….my piano…he cried

“I still grieve for her ,even after all these years several world class pianos sang to the utterance  of my fingers,but still she remains the love of my life.”

Catherine-love letter

To Mr Agilesh,

I am Catherine, I don’t think you could remember me as you would have moved ahead with your life. I am not writing this to resume or start a relationship with you or to disrupt your peaceful life. I am not sure if I would be alive when this letter reaches you. Fear engulfs my heart when I think of the beast well my husband snoring next to me. I hate him beyond words can suffice. I am sure you can’t even imagine the ordeals I am going through.

Domestic violence was something I have read in newspaper articles but today I am a living victim of it. There are scars all over me, perhaps scars in my heart are more worse. The daily insults confinement and abuse literally devours my soul.

I doubt why am I ever married. I am scared if I would be alive for an another dawn. I have heard women go through this all over their life but I don’t think I can. I wish I can run away somewhere. The thing which  hurts me the most is the words of my mother and family when I tell them my grief and pain. It’s always the same the girls must learn to adjust. I wonder what my life ever meant. My parents got rid of me by giving them jewels and money,just to be treated like a slave. What  did I do to my parents what trouble have I caused them to get rid of me?

Marriage is not a boon it is a curse where freedom of speech remain curtailed. Agilesh, I will never suicide, I am not that weak but they might kill me.

But before I leave I want to tell you something, I loved you, everytime you stood there staring at me. My heart lost a beat. I have always loved you. I think you too have. But neither of us had courage. I wish I had a little more courage to speak my heart for now it is too late. Love your wife like you loved me.

Still loving you


Agilesh gasped reading the letter. Tears tripped down his eyes. It has been three months since Catherine died. Today was her husband’s second marriage. Anger welled up in his heart.

His Catherine, his love that rascal killed her. His wife walked up to him, he passed the letter to her.

Tears brimmed in her eyes.

“I must kill that rascal “I announced.

She gave me a sarcastic chuckle, if you had this courage when she was alive.

Or only if her parents gave a little regard for their daughters sufferings in contrast to their worthless pride she would not have died. There was a tone of sadness in her voice. For she was a girl she knew the pain.

“Am I good “I asked myself.

“Did I treat her badly”.

At times you did my heart answered.

I walked to Catherine’s grave with my child. I promised her, marriage is not the only thing in my daughters life.Let her be a happy spinster if she wish, let her be a divorcee but I will never let her life end in the name of worthless pride.

For the love of my life who lies cold in her grave taught me to love.

Edit. All the characters are fiction, if it makes any resemblance I don’t care.


Why is motivation so important?

I have speculated why are there so many motivational videos when we know what we have to do in order to attain our goals and we are capable of doing it. How can some random words of a stranger instil sense into our mind and propel us forward on the journey towards our goal?
Here are the reasons I interpreted.

1.I tend to lose interest.

A new venture or work might appear alluring initially but as time passes it loses its lustre and it would kind of turn unappealing to you. In long run when it becomes routine it tends to be boring.
I can give you a better example. At the time you brought your new phone how excited you were, Are you excited the same way now? Obviously no.
The phone has the same features that you craved for when you bought it but what happened now?
You got used to it. You lose interest, nothing to worry its human nature.


You can lose interest on your phone but not on your goal.


You muster up your mind stating you have to complete a certain work today but your best friend is throwing a party.
Hell on loose, party, drinks, fun..
Even if stay back your mind, a sluggish idiot keeps craving for the party and would constantly lament about the things you would have missed.


or else you would drown into the chasm of self pity.


You would sleep in the couch everyday and expect for a miracle to befall upon you and salvage you. You desire for it and when you pathetically fail, being upset ain’t going to help you.
So wake up and start working. You must BE MOTIVATED.

The most common thing .I want to work for my goal but I am too lazy to work. I intend to do it tomorrow, promising to oneself only to break it the very next day. Here comes the best friend of failure PROCRASTINATION.
here you must BE MOTIVATED.

5.When things really get out of hand
Even if you are really ailing, or haggard or tormented by health issues you cant relinquish your goal. There may be times you ought to work towards your goal in spite of being confronted by ordeals. I know this is harsh but it is the reality.

No one enquires a loser why he lost
Everyone pester the winner for they want to know how he won.

So when everything is a mess to traverse towards your goal you need to be motivated.

So where is motivation, where does it comes from?

(well, I will tell you more on how to be motivated in next post).