A crazy girl…well that is what my family and friends address me …..I have spend nearly a good portion of my time with books bringing in comments from my parents if u start reading your college books in this pace u might be able to be university topper.In this website i have posted few of my works.it may not be perfect but I hope you will like it.inform me if you dont ….and help me change…

I always love criticism.

“if your frequency of craziness is similar to mine”….lets be friends

I look forward to meet people with similar interest and your works.

Read this please

My life beneath my tears-click on this to read.

My first work it is a story about a girl who finds herself all alone in a strange place without the merest idea who she is.This story is about the ordeals she goes through in the process of discovering herself.come lets read

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  1. hi.
    I see you’ve managed to avoid having the wall of Gravatar keeping people at a technical distance. How did you pull that off? My ‘computer guy’ (I have learning disability) is convinced that on WP, one must have gravatar and yet I see others who have ditched it.

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