Tackling depression

At times life may not have a pull or an urge to pursue further.
The very place you dwell  might just be infested with hatred filled people who make sure your life is a living hell . Almost every soul around you hates you.

Things you do may take an unfavoured turn or you might perceive that you are a lot cause. Your heart tend to be heavy that moreover like an iron weighing a ton has been fastened around your heart.
There might always be fear or anticipation for life ahead.

Depression, stress and anxiety might be devouring you alive. You would want to weep out aloud. You might be demotivated, succumb to the feeling that you are never gonna make it.You might feel like quitting .

Perhaps you might feel useless, wasted and exhausted

Nobody seems to understand, nobody cares, death might appear as an easier option
and when tide is not our favour.

The thing that will get you going in the hardest of times

Think of  your family  how much you mean to them….you are loved and forever will be

We always quarrel with our family.And might disagree with the point of views of our siblings or parents but no one can deny your family loves you the best. images (38).jpeg

The so called Friends (acquaintances)

And people around you.Those double faced chameleons, ask them to screw themselves. Please, they do you no good, however hard you act,trying to remain tranquil and pleasant, they aren’t going to pleased. We always incline to be over cautious about other people’s opinions . Those blank headed warts, they are never going to think good about you . So don’t give a damn. I am going on preaching this and still do. For god sake live for yourself.

“Successful people don’t have friends “-Sheldon Cooper

unnamed (2)

Whatever I do go wrong, may be I am a lost cause

Perhaps things are not in your favour today

Panicking is never going to provide you a solution . Just analyse the problem after detoxifying your brain from the malignant affliction called stress. Stressed is an excuse you give to your imbalanced self. Just relax. This is not the end of world

“nothing is impossible under the sun”

nothing is impossible even above it, with present technology even that is possible.

Let me tell you a truth.

I am a person who panics for no particular reason and my dad will be like

Dad:”So do you think it is a valid reason to be panicked? ”

Me:”no but I am tensed”

There are bigger problems in the world, neither the richest nor the poorest is happy.

Venting out your feelings to someone you trust might help a lot.

tomorrow is yet an another new beginning.Things are surely going to get better.

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Successful people never give up. Hope is always the answer.

Ps:maybe this post might or might not be helpful .It may have many flaws.  These were predominant things that helped me. Perhaps there are lot of little things that helped me out. I will be happy to share it with you if you like.unnamed (3).gif


Insane love

images (18)Murk beyond darkness

In a self imposed confinement

he remained

Until she unfurled his madness.


Insane her eyes drew cold

He remained reticent

The darkness which once awed

Now solely induced tenebrosity


The darkness of the room

Held a contour of pain.

Unknowing he smiled

At a lunatics uphevel


The winter nights drew

The stains of blood remained

At times he did wonder

From which yonder these droplets erupt


Eerie it was

Indeed blind in love he was

Until the very night he saw

Her teeth immersing into the raw flesh


Astonished he watched

Her teeth devouring his flesh

For he wished to warn other suitors

The female cannibal on prowl


Too late he was a ghost.

The girl knows how to hunt

He reckoned ,slowly whisking his flesh which outlined her cheeks

Love is insane indeed.


People would reckon it as love

I would rather yell

Hey you lame idiot

Was your brain rotting

When she made you a nutter all over?


A selfish woman’s day wish

My post and picture doesn’t adhere much anyways

I would like to wish happiness and joy to all the women in the world ….

Stop. …stop. ..stop not all the woman.

I would like to extend my warm hearted wishes to the wonderful women out there but let me get this straight…. But not to everyone.

If you were good and nice to me please omit the below section….

Certain bitches… No wishes for you… Let your life rot, hope you go to hell…. And let this year be so worse that you should think every second why am I born as a girl. ….

You filthy scum bags, you are the reason why world generalise woman as manipulative and egoistic. Just because certain women treats guys like shit and throws them like scrap away and puts on a whole lot of drama.

Speaking of drama, I love theatre but not these tantrums thrown out by these scrawny bitches. I wish a hell of women’s Day for the woman who made my life pretty bad.

My ex roomie… First place because  its like stack, last in first out. I hate you filthy egoistic thrash. Seriously you b-hexa i did you nothing wrong. But you treated me like shit. I have an unflinching desire to immerse a heeled shoe on your face.

The set of girls who made my life nothing worse than living hell. I actually don’t remember your name because I did delete you from my brain but the scars remain…. So if a dung ball fall on your head don’t panic. It will be I who planted it over your head.

My dearest pinnochio nosed aunts

I know I am ugly, I don’t want you to compare my looks with my perfect cousins .All those perfect girls with perfect curves. I prefer brains to beauty and I am happy as I am. I don’t want you to lament on my looks anymore. Go to hell you edgy gossipheads.

There are lot of women. Who made me feel nothing greater than shit.Made me endure a series of depression.This did make me strong and independent. Well wish the above mentioned people a worse life filled with sorrows and misfortune  ..men actually never bothered me.I respect them for that.

My heart felt wishes for woman out there

Who made me smile, who taught me to strive, who kindled the fire in my heart.

My wishes to the woman who dreams

Not for those who belittles her dream because she is a woman.

My wishes for the woman who strive for a change, for the one who is a change.

For one who gives her food to her hungry kid cheating her stomach.

One who strives all day and night

One who works in office by day and home by night.

One who is lost behind  the kitchen smoke dwells in its shadows

For all the single mothers out there.

For all the moms who speak to dads on behalf of their kids.

For every girl who spreads her smile.

For every girl who walks out of her house with a stranger her parents chose.

For every woman writer who pens the strength

For every woman who have accomplished ,and for every woman who tried to be accomplished.

For everyone woman who has the grit to try what people tell is beyond her reach

To my mom my strength, my sisters(arent woman yet-just children….future woman) above all my granny who is up there in heaven smiling over my follies.

To all the women out here in WordPress . If you are in WordPress if you are reading my work… You can’t be bad. I will always love you.

As far as I know almost all the women I know in WordPress are big sweethearts at times too strong willed and indeed too kind hearted and supportive .

I wish you all the happiness and a hearty woman’s day wishes.

Ps:i am a bit rude, this is who I am…bear with me….

Loads of love

Anagha M


Beauty, thy world’s greatest

I’d tell it’s her,.

The soft brown curls

Cascading down her shoulders.


Her alluring honey brown eyes.

Tiny freckles

festoon the corner of her lips

As it curves into tidly smile.


Her amiable heart

Enriches her like the an exquisite jewel.

Adding lustre to her

already shimmering self


My heart falters at her smiles

It tatters at her tears

She is the celestial beauty

Destined to be mine.


Never in the face of earth

Has never been a maiden

More beautiful than her.

She is none other than my mom.


With love your daughter

Anagha M



Her eyes

He waited until the sun sinked low,

The flowers lowered thier mighty crown,

The lonely nights of silent desolation.

Heart nay had a tiniest ray of happiness.


The lonely path, deserted now,

In a park bench he sat

Eyes set out the wide deserted road

Waiting every dawn, every dusk.


The years rolled off,

But he did wait,

As winter chimed in and left

As summer played and left.


He waited for those lovely eyes

That sparkled and enticed his lonely life

He waited to be by her side.

An eternity passed she never turned by


One rainy night,

The thunder roared and lightening sizzled

His waiting did come to end.

In the grave next to his dearest one he lay.




Tell me you are alright

Tell me you are alright,

For my heart tatters when you are not

Tell me you are okay

Or else my consciousness go astray.


Please be alright

Or else I’ll perish upright

Please keep smiling

Coz your tears devours my spiling


Tell me you are alright

For your gaiety is all I desire

Please be healthy

For you mean a lot to me


Please be strong

For you are my vehemence on whole

Tell me you are alright

Coz you are all I live for


Tell me you are safe

For that is all I crave

Tell me you are alright

For you are the love of my life.


Unbounded 22


After the awkward lunch, everything seemed to fall into place, if we exclude the mild headache provided by old rusted apparatus, dusty laboratory and two girls caught up on wheezing spree, the day was quite uneventful.

My bag screeched in dismay, as my stuffs were gorged in.

“For Loreal’s party. Coming, aren’t you? “Rae enquired.

“Maybe an another day” my foot traced away fast before they grasp the fact I wasn’t invited in first place.

Bus halted after tedious waiting for an hour.A lady or two nearly squeezed out of the bus. Crowded buses give me a trance but leaving this bus is not much of an option because only a bus or two pass this alley.

I reached out for my purse, just to find it missing. My dishevelled bag lay on the pavement, with me on top it searching for my purse. Must have left it in the cupboard.I dashed towards the laboratory, sighed in relief when I find my purple beauty snoring in the dusty cupboard.

The euphoria of relief didn’t last long, soon I found myself locked inside the laboratory. I squealed and shrieked for help but I can’t help but wonder if the laboratory was sound proof, nobody seemed to hear my pleas for assistance.

My hands turned numb out of tapping on the door. My mobile refused to pick on range. The laboratory gave me goosebumps ,the last time I was locked up, things really turned out worse. I squandered around, my mobile hollered above me.At last a a small streak appeared.I clutched the opportunity and called Abhi.

“I am busy Amy, some other time”his voice appeared tense.

Enraged by his attitude, but still I requested “Sorry to disturb you, I am locked up in laboratory, can you ask someone to open the door?”.

‘”Foolish girl,I’ll ask someone to let you out” he replied cutting the call short. Knowing Abhi well, this doesn’t bother me much. When it comes to work Abhi doesn’t care about anything else.

Soon I found the security personal opening the door. I thanked him and trailed off towards the bus stand. He resumed sleeping on his chair.

It was pretty dark, the alley appeared deserted, the street lights flickered. I must have called Ted, but the thought of disturbing Ted made me strike out the idea. I glanced at my watch it was half past eight.

A strange sense of fear overcame me. I felt someone following me. I increased the pace of my steps, but the footsteps behind me too quickened. I turned around, to find no one but being a cops daughter has provided me a keen sense of sight. I found a shadow masking near the tree. I knew danger was lurking behind me.

As I resumed walking, the person emerged from his hideout behind the trees and pursued behind me. Suddenly, I felt the presence behind me. I walked briskly, nearly broke into a run.Snow clad roads made running harder. The person behind me started chasing me. My legs started grumbling. He was gaining over me. I mustered up strength propelling myself forward. Howbeit tripped on a stone and fell on the road. Drunk in fear I sat immobile. My hands and legs did not adhere to my wishes.

The person behind me slowly came towards light but suddenly he retracted and sped away from me. I staggered on my feet, someone helped me up. I gawked at the person next to me. My Trainer aka Sid stood there with an expression of concern enveloping his face.He looked handsome even in the frailest light. Even in darkness I can make out his fine features.

A wave of gratitude swept over me. I wanted to thank him, to hug him, splurt out how much scared I was, but all I could manage was.”you, why are you here?”

He gave me an amused smile.” I must be asking you this, but if we start explaining each other even the last bus will leave.”

We mounted on the bus, everything appears like a dream. Perhaps a wish come true, here I am travelling in a bus with trainer by my side.


“get up Amy”

“No, five minutes more mom”

A short chortle followed “Wake up, or else the bus might leave”.

My eyes slowly drift open, eyelids heaved,lashes hugging each other.I sneer around myself , surroundings do provide me an ambience of an bus. I found myself resting on what appeared like a shoulder of a cute looking guy.

I jerk up, suddenly regaining my consciousness.I wiped his shirt with my hand when realization struck me I have drooled all over him.

“Its ok, let us get off the bus” he remarked.

Embarrassment stringed me beyond bounds. We walked back home.

“you don’t stay here,do you?”I asked with my teeth clattering owing to cold.

“Going to meet a friend”he replied

I nodded, an icy wind perched freezing me.He offered me his coat.I took it and asked”Dont men feel cold, I have always seen them giving their coats to women.”

“May be men are thick skinned”he chuckled.

We laughed and traipsed along with each other in silence.It was not an awkward silence.Silence of contentment and happiness.He was my Prince no matter if he loves me or not. Well, in my heart he is mine. The most handsome man on the earth.At times our hands touched each other.I desire to walk like this for my entire life and indeed forever I want to walk by his side.It appears picture perfect.I feel complete…..A moment to cherish for a lifetime.




A lovely stare

As he walked

By her side

Her heart raced

Like a rollercoaster  ride.


Their eyes met

Just for a second

But it was more like

An eternal hike.


Tiny giggles

Perfect glares,

Heart struck shut,

Missing a beat or two.


Unknown they remained,

But somewhere they retained,

A petite feeling

Love may be it’s meaning.


Chaos, nay occurred

No flirting

No romance

No opulent presents.


But they did bask

In pleasure

Of each others presence,

At an unvary second.


Dreams always haunted

With each others taunting presence,

Instilling a joy,

Unexpected all over.


Made up reasons,

To conquer eithers eyes,

Strolling near each other.

Did fate play the cupid?


Knowing each other,

Remained a great hurdle

Let never be known

But heart did falter.


Kept a name,

Close to heart.

They knew neither,

But loved either.


But fate in its treacherous self,

Ceasing to provide them

A miniature pleasure

Separating their endeavour.


But they did wish,

For another coffee sip,

Another brilliant day,

If their eyes ever met again.