Book review -god of small things

The god of small things by Arundhati Roy

Image result for estha the god of small thingsLovely cover , lot of fame and intricate writing.

Portrayed gods own country in its true colours.

I am reading this book for about a month now, I do have to agree the fact that this book as old I am and has acquired quite an enormous amount critical acclaim, indeed a man booker prize winner.

I have never mulled over what others claim this book is, perhaps I have no idea to scamper behind the crowd and praise the book,my review is exactly what I feel about the book, call me rebel I don’t care.

The thing, I adored and despised the most, was her writing .I loved her writing so did I detest it .

I loved the way she described an ancient house. Here it goes

It was a beautiful house.White-walled once. Red-roofed. But painted in weather-colours now. With brushes dipped in nature’s palette. Mossgreen. Earthbrown. Crumbleblack. Making it look older than it really was .Like sunken treasure dredged up from the ocean bed. Whale kissed and barnacled. Swaddled in silence. Breathing bubbles though it is broken windows.

how lucid? how magnificent? dandy I would agree, her writings on other pages were no less. It was trailing across providing glory to the paper which bore the ink. She has evinced the most insignificant detail with utmost care.

Still, the whopping good turned out to be cause for colossal disdain. There are portions where you feel too much detailing is eminently gross, at certain sections she illustrates about some awful real life gestures, human habits, phew Roy you shouldn’t make your reader puke out just by your words.

The book uses a lot of Malayalam words sprinkling beauty and realness to the writing, I am not arguing if story is good or not. Every story’s beauty lies in its writing.

She critizises social issues, unsaid rules about whom to love ,whom not to.

Especially a strong voice, that mocks at this society,

The Kathakali men took off their make-up and went home to beat their wives. Even Kunti the soft one with breasts.

The book is really different, it is a masterpiece, several incidents woven together into a veil through which story is explained from Rahel’s point of view.


The story is about a mother(Ammu) and her two egged twins Rahel and Esthappen Kuttapen Peter Mon who were abandoned by their alcoholic father from Calcutta .They returned to their granny Mamachi( Ammu’s mother) in Ayemanam in Kottayam, to Paradise jams and pickles. Their mother breaks the unwritten codes of love by having an affair with Velutha(a lower caste wonderful person). This leads to ruining of the mother’s as well as her kids life by their own granny and baby Kochamma. It also leads to dire consequences like the death of Velutha and Sofie mol. The story discusses about river ,plants, shrubs ,communism and above all real human characters and indeed about god of small things.

Too much of reality is really heart wrenching or perhaps a pure headache.

The book do have quite a few fall-backs. It is surely not a gripping book. You don’t feel drawn to this book. There isn’t a pull, no what next question. I guessed the story, well no much guessing, the whole story is depicted in first few pages, questioning our reason why to read forward leaving us adhere to our only reason just because it is a book and I love to read.Here, I don’t whine my money is lost nor can I reread it again.




THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA- the book review…

Immortals of meluha,the secret of nagas and the oath of vayuputras belongs to Shiva trilogy written by Amish.I have read these books in the same year the oath of vayuputhras was published that was few years back and I cannot deny the fact that I read it in a single stretch…..

I must tell you about the mixed feelings that embraced me when I first read this book…..this book told me all that I believed relied, trusted, prayed,fasted and surrendered was just a myth…. Lord Shiva was just and a human like you and me….all those nights I stay awake in name of Shiva rathri for god Shiva to shower his grace was a fake….Do u know how hard it is stay awake for 36 hours spurning food….just chanting gods name ……and now this damn book tell me that Lord Shiva is a human….and all those stories which my mom and grannies told was a lie…..I was shattered,angry and confused…..I would have tore Amish apart with bare hands  for this blasphemy….but I kept reading…..getting more frustrated…because this book questioned my belief on which I was brought up…

As I paced forward on my journey through the book something was changing ,it was my outlook….I was changing….I once believed in god now adore him…this book redefined my faith in more practical manner…My dad really loved the concept of this book but my mom considered me speaking about this book as blasphemy…Dad tells this story is much practical than the myth……

And now let me tell about the story…..

Who wont love the good looking,kind hearted,hot tempered,cool dancer,a brave warrior cum leader…that is what lord Shiva is in this book…..

The book underlies the foolishness of belief of the birth of god neelkanth….and how shiva a hard core warrior is introduced in there…

I really loved the romance between lord Shiva and beautiful princess cum warrior Sati… loyal how true…

The possessive father Daksha……his obsession towards his daughter Sati turned fatal to her….well that belongs to third book…

I really loved the innocence and simplicity of lord shiva in this book and how he was against the discrimination called vikarma…

There were beautiful protrayed characters like Nandhi,Veerbadhra and Parvetshwar…..The scientist Brihaspati ,the doctor Ayurvati……

I must tell you this book changed my out look it is a beautiful book….I think it is a much better version of the myth….I am not angry with Amish any more because….I know I took Shiva rathri to make myself tough ….I fasted for my own good……

I can easily exist with just an hours sleep….and can go without food based on situations and I am rather healthy…and it is the outcome taking Shiva rathri…..God really did make me strong by his blessings…..It is not a boring tale or philosophy on religion…It is an interesting novel…..and you can understand the rich heritage of ancient India.

This book shows us how a simple man rose into the position of a god….or perhaps his actions were divine may be that is why he is called a god.The god or person who introduced and established yoga ,meditation and … it a story or myth its fun to read it….

I give this book five stars…..It is a good book and you must really give it a try…

Have you heard of this book or read it?//tell me what you feel…..



The witch of portobello….book review

Many people referred me this book for years I dont know why I was never able to read it…..but I read it recently

This book is nothing what its name underlies,I read this book ,thinking it will turn out like the secret circle or any other witch story……but it was much more….more practical.I must tell you I am a person who would rather never reads these type of books,,,,,but this book is exceptional.While I read half the way I knew this book is nothing I searched for but I cant put it down because it has much more than I bargained for….

The plot is simple , it is the search of a girl Athena( a divorcee,a single mother of her little son) for herself…. spiritualism….or perhaps more…I still don’t know why I like it but I cant deny the fact I read it in a single stretch……the book doesn’t have suspense or cliff hangers but it is beautiful… can never guess what happens next….the book doesn’t break your head or pull up your adrenaline….but gives you beautiful mild read….I did travel with Athena in her journey unknowingly…..this book was a refuge to me a person….who has been reading terrible books recently…

I really loved Athena as she walks everywhere with her little kid in her hands….she is a strong woman with a strong resolution…..very brave though not fighting with a sword but really brave..really made me think a person doesn’t require a sword to be brave.

And the climax was astounding…..for god sake awesome….it turned out to be something I never dreamt of….Athena really bewitched me….I assure you if you read this book you will have the same opinion…..

if not tell me…..