A different type of love


I am gonna tell you a different love story

It was a lovely winter dawn ,the dew drops glistened on the sharp blades of the moss sheathed barks.The Winny stared at the misty way which extended before him.He was not able to sleep for a forthnight, his love seems to drift apart from him ,his eyes  brimmed with tears at the mere resonance of their time together.

‘I cant let you go’, he said walking through the misty road,his heart raced,he knew that they are never gonna get along,he doesn’t deserve her.she wasn’t meant for a mediocore guy like him.He is never gonna give her the recognition she requires, but he loves her, his love is untainted as the eternal bliss.

They first met in an auction where she won over his heart,her voice enraptured him at the first trance.how fast they were acquiainted remained a miraculous feat.All those nights they spend together in the attic,he would hear to her bewitching voice..he would caress her elegant vocal chords.She was a beauty,even her choke instills an warying pleasure..all those silent hours.

Her silence enciphered him,making him a puppet to her spell.She was his life,his breath….now he suffocates. The world around apparates when he envision  her flawless features.She was all he wanted.Tears dripped down his cheeks,coldness of wind didn’t bother him as pain of the heart surpasses every  physical trauma.

His legs felt stoned,he found her elegant and composed as she always is,cant she feel the pain I feel? the desolation.He treaded towards her resting his hands on her,she remained resolute as she always is .A man pulled her away from him,”one last time let me be with her “he cried .

“Just few minutes “he pleaded…The man warned “just few minutes”.

He sat next to her his breath was erratic he knew he needed her,but he cant afford her.He closed his inhaling a deep breath ,his shivering fingers stroked her.She relented and sounded exactly the same in the musical charishma.The music of our duo erupted awakening the dormant spirits making everyone to pause for a second or so….
The room broke into applause but they pulled her apart from him…He clinged to his pianoforte .she was the love of her life….but they pulled her apart detaching him from her…

She is all he had,she taught me music ,she was his love ,his passion.

My music….my piano…he cried

“I still grieve for her ,even after all these years several world class pianos sang to the utterance  of my fingers,but still she remains the love of my life.”

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