Mother’s Day wishes

download (2)I think this post is being penned towards the end of the day when all people out there are done wishing their mommies. I love my mommy like almost every one of you do. My mommy is the best I would tell, just like every daughter loved dearly by her parents do.

My mom….

She is an embodiment of love though she has quite a temper and yells at poor me, not to mention I am not a ideal daughter. My mom facial expressions tune the actions of us, three daughters. Parenting is not easy and now I feel how successful she was from the fathomless attachment I feel when I board on the bus to my work place. My mom is the strongest person I have come across. She from a family where she has 4 elder brothers and two elder sisters who completely drifted apart after her parents death. Well, I must mention having such a big family ain’t matters. Just one loving sibling would do.

Mom, I have seen her tears and laughter alike. I hate to see my mom cry.

Just a single day she is sick, house turns a mess. She tells me I don’t want this, it’s okay. I can manage. Though she is in desperate need of it. I don’t know I can ever hide something from mom. My mom is not my friend. She can never be like a friend because friend cant be even  of 1/4 th of importance my mom is to me.

People ask me why do you tell everything to your mom she might be worried. I tell them my mom taught me to share whatever it is good or bad. Let it be happiness we bask in its mirth together. Let it be sadness we worry together. She was my strength inspite all the difficult times we went was never easy.

Mommy smiles with her chocolate brown eyes. She is the greatest beauty the world ever set its eyes on. We don’t always tell each other how much we love perhaps true love shan’t be expressed in words.

My mom, when I hug you I feel……what words can’t suffice to tell.

I know you work around the clock. I am too lazy to help you. I am sorry if I ever made you sad. I am sorry. I am so proud of you.

There are few people who boast they order thier mom around. They tell they make her do what they want.There was a person who told me as it was a credit that they would make their mom cry.

You can’t order around my mom. She is brilliant and wonderful. She is strong and resourceful. If I ever fight with my mom there would be a yelling game proceeded by tears. Then perhaps the feeling is mutual, we reconcile within seconds. I am not a bad daughter after all. She taught me put my family first.

Mom, you are so wonderful. Being your daughter is an honour. I may not be all you want me to be. But you are all I can ever ask for. You are the best and not even once ,or never will I think you less. You are the most irreplaceable gift god has bestowed upon me. You are my love mommy. I love you.

Mom wish u the best mothers day-perhaps you are indeed an angel in the shape of my mom.

My wishes to all the strong angels out there… all the moms…..happy mothers day

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