I can hear laughter,

People are mocking at me,

They hate me,

Moron they call me.


They stare like I am a lunatic

Like wires of my head are hanging broke

They make faces,

As if I don’t exist here.


I am suffocating

Can’t breath, dying with every step.

Don’t feel like I belong here

In the first place


Depressed and demotivated

Broken beyond repair

Uncertain, am I really dwelling in a dream land?

Far away from reality


But I no more do care,

My future is still ain’t written,

I am penning the best

The tale of my life.


Boring, they called me

Walking through the world of dreams

Dodging in self speculation

Still my dreams that you call unattainable


Ain’t so far away,

Thank you world bullying me

You did teach me

Calling me a loser


Made me pull myself,

Gather myself,  anger is the key.

Tears fueled the onset of my dreams

I learned to pick myself up.


I need no world to accept me

Never want to be loved.

For you taught me to love myself,

Tomorrow is my day.


Grab it, time will be in my favour,

Ain’t give up,

Tired of falling down,

Walk for you know you can do it.


This is the moment

Get up, it is time.

Break the barriers, shed the uncertainties

It’s time to fly.


It’s time to feel the sunshine,

Breath the fresh air,

I have made mistakes,

I strike it out, tossed it out to dustbin


Starting in a new page,

No one would write it for you

Let it in, the magic of life.

Let the pen slide, do the unspoken


Do the unthinkable

For its your life,

Unattainable, still it’s your dream

Though people call you are done


Though you are poor,

World call you are quite impossible ,

All the tears are never gonna be waste,

Your anger, your fire is all you need.


Start working

Success ain’t far

For you know you can

Let’s prove the world wrong once more.






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