Insane love

images (18)Murk beyond darkness

In a self imposed confinement

he remained

Until she unfurled his madness.


Insane her eyes drew cold

He remained reticent

The darkness which once awed

Now solely induced tenebrosity


The darkness of the room

Held a contour of pain.

Unknowing he smiled

At a lunatics uphevel


The winter nights drew

The stains of blood remained

At times he did wonder

From which yonder these droplets erupt


Eerie it was

Indeed blind in love he was

Until the very night he saw

Her teeth immersing into the raw flesh


Astonished he watched

Her teeth devouring his flesh

For he wished to warn other suitors

The female cannibal on prowl


Too late he was a ghost.

The girl knows how to hunt

He reckoned ,slowly whisking his flesh which outlined her cheeks

Love is insane indeed.


People would reckon it as love

I would rather yell

Hey you lame idiot

Was your brain rotting

When she made you a nutter all over?


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